The official release date is almost upon us for the adaptation of John Green's best-selling teen tear-jerker novel, The Fault In Our Stars. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (both 'Divergent') come together one again to portray the two young lovers at the centre of this tragic romance who fall in love under the most unfortunate of circumstances.

There's an awful lot of excitement for the movie, which has already opened in several territories across the globe with UK and US release still to come. So much so, that 'TFIOS' has broken pre-sales records for a romantic drama, according to Fandango.

The movie has managed to beat Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams' The Vow as well as Safe Haven and Dear John in terms of cinema seat pre-bookings. The movie is expected to debut to more than $30 million this weekend with success virtually promised.

Luckily, the mounting anticipation towards the teen drama is backed up by some solid reviews. The movie has "solid direction from Josh Boone ("Stuck in Love"), a spot-on script from Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber ("The Spectacular Now"), near-perfect casting, deftly created characters and often hilarious dialogue that feels closer to vintage Cameron Crowe than Sparks," according to Indie Wire's Kimber Myers.

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"It isn't a typical meet-cute, and it also isn't your standard story of illness on screen," the reviewer notes of the Josh Boone-directed picture.

Woodley, who has seen her name propelled into households with her recent role in YA sci-fi Divergent, is the undisputed star of the show as cancer sufferer Hazel Grace Lancaster. Screen Daily describes the rising star's performance as "note-perfect in capturing the emotional swirl of living and losing" and Variety praising her as "never-better."

Though it is largely perceived that Elgort fails to match Woodley he is "charming enough" in his co-lead role Augustus Waters.

THR notes that Green's original novel is responsible for the movie's strongest attributed, stating that the film "resolutely refuses to become a clichéd cancer drama," instead giving a platform to "vibrant, believable young characters."

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Justin Lowe praises Boone's direction and handling of the sensitive base text: "Boone's appropriately light touch emphasizes the underlying literary material, foregrounding the performances with occasional underplayed visual humor and reserving stylistic nuance for more contemplative scenes," he writes.

Knock-out casting? Tick. Tragic plot? Tick. Oodles of publicity? Yup. The Fault in our Stars is a grenade that's going to explode and obliterate everything in its wake this weekend. Watch the 'The Fault In Our Stars' trailer.

The Fault In Our Stars will be released tomorrow in the US and on the 19th June in the UK.

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