Shailene Woodley is one of Hollywood's rising young actress's after she first found widespread fame in the Oscar-nominated film 'The Descendants.'

The 22 year-old, with this new found fame, chose to take a back seat towards acting, and not rush into anything.

While talking to Teen Vogue for its April issue, Woodley said, "After The Descendants, everybody was like, 'You've got to ride the wave!' And I was like, 'You ride the wave and it eventually crashes on the shore."

"That doesn't work out! I'm going to just sit here and paddleboard,'" she added. "I didn't do a movie for two years because I didn't read anything that was inspiring to me."

Since starring alongside George Clooney in the comedy-drama, Shailene's decided to choose her roles with more care, but as it turns out, the majority of them are romantically based films.

"That's crazy! I never thought about that," she said. "I haven't had time to think about a relationship! I literally have not had a boyfriend in almost five years. I've never even hooked up with anybody I've worked on a movie with."

However, Woodley just couldn't resist dishing the dirt, as she revealed once after filming, herself and a co-star hooked up. "Well, that might have happened on something . . ." she admitted while laughing.

Shailene is the star in the upcoming blockbuster adaptation 'Divergent' which is based on Veronica Roth's novel, but she told the mag that this role nearly didn't happen for her.

"I said no, and everybody was shocked," Woodley sated, but quickly changed her mind after talking to another Hollywood rising star, Jennifer Lawrence.

"I asked Jennifer Lawrence, 'Are you happy with your choice to take on The Hunger Games?' And she said she wouldn't change it for the world," she revealed. "She told me, 'There are some things-don't make a sex tape, don't do drugs, don't do things in public-that you wouldn't want other people judging you for. But this is the best decision you'll ever make.'"

This April issue of Teen Vogue hits the newsstands on March 25th.