A French court has thrown out a plagiarism claim against former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren over a song he contributed to the soundtrack of Kill Bill 2.

The punk svengali was accused by musician BENJAMIN BEDUNEAU, also known as LANCELOT, of stealing his song SOUND SMITH and turning it into the track ABOUT HER.

But the court in Angers, western France, ruled there was insufficient evidence of plagiarism, and Beduneau was ordered to pay 1,500 Euros ($1,750 /GBP1,000) in damages to the impresario.

Beduneau previously told the court he had given the composition to McLaren for a project that was eventually abandoned.

McLaren's lawyer BRUNO RYTERBAND insisted his client was the author of the song, and it was created from samples McLaren had asked Beduneau to put together.