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Green Day Erased Ernie After Parental Fury

Punk rockers GREEN DAY removed an image of SESAME STREET character ERNIE from their 1994 album DOOKIE, after a stream of complaints from furious parents. Hordes of adults purchased the GRAMMY winning band's mega-selling...

Julianne Thrilled To Visit Sesame Street

Movie star JULIANNE MOORE turned her recent visit to SESAME STREET into a family affair - by insisting her daughter LIV have a starring role in the show. The actress admits she's been a...

Brandy's Elmo Devotion

Singer BRANDY has unveiled herself as lifelong ELMO fan. The former MOESHA star admits the popular SESAME STREET character has been an idol of hers since she was a little girl and now her...

Patrick Stewart's Sesame Street Pride

British actor PATRICK STEWART has starred in a string of acclaimed productions, but he deems his appearance on children's show SESAME STREET his career highlight. Stewart, an honorary associate artist of the esteemed ROYAL...

Devito's Dame Tune With Sopranos

DANNY DeVITO teamed up with stars of THE SOPRANOS to perform SOUTH PACIFIC's THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DAME at a star-studded cancer benefit onboard luxury cruiseliner QUEEN MARY II at the weekend (24APR04)....

Seth Lands On Sesame Street

AUSTIN POWERS star SETH GREEN's ultimate dream has been realised - the MUPPETS nut has been signed up to play a delivery man on SESAME STREET. Green hopes his enthusiasm for the job and...

Finding Nemo And Lavigne Honoured By Media Group

Hit movie FINDING NEMO, singer AVRIL LAVIGNE and ELMO of SESAME STREET have all been honoured by a media group for excellence in family entertainment. COMMON SENSE MEDIA culled 18,000 nominations from parents, teachers,...

Sesame Street Builds World Peace

Characters from legendary puppet show SESAME STREET are being used to promote peace in the war torn Middle East. Episodes of the long-running television series are being produced in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian...

Sesame Street To Release Music Album

SESAME STREET is releasing a commerative box set of musical stars' performances on the seminal kids TV show - including tracks by CELINE DION, BILLY JOEL and REM. The American show has featured a...

Muppets Enlighten Children On Terror Attacks

Well-loved puppets THE MUPPETS will help young children come to terms with their feelings concerning terror attacks on contemporary society. The nonprofit group behind hit children's show SESAME STREET announced yesterday (25JUN03) that it...

Metallica Song Used To Interrogate Iraqis

Tracks by rock band METALLICA are being aired by American interrogators in war-torn Baghdad - in a bid to break Iraqi captives. Officials say subjecting prisoners to long sessions of "culturally offensive" heavy metal...

Sesame Street.s Grover Goes Global

The brains behind hit children's show SESAME STREET are hoping to give young TV viewers a better understanding of the world with a new segment about global cultures. Popular puppet GROVER will star in...

Actor Michael Jeter Dies

EMMY-award winning actor MICHAEL JETER has died at the age of 50. Jeter's body was found in his Hollywood Hills home on Sunday (30MAR03). It is thought the actor, who was HIV-positive, died...

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