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Wise Tried To Date Winslet Before Thompson

Greg Wise Kate Winslet Emma Thompson Sense And Sensibility

Actor Greg Wise tried to seduce Kate Winslet before he married Emma Thompson - after a clairvoyant told him he was destined to wed a Sense And Sensibility co-star.

Wise met both Winslet and Thompson on the set of the 1995 movie, and was convinced the Titanic star was his future wife after a fortune-teller predicted he would fall in love during filming.

But because Thompson was still married to Kenneth Branagh at the time, Wise tried to date Winslet instead - but they failed to hit it off. He went on to wed Thompson in 2003.

Thompson says, "Of course I was still married to Ken so Greg thought it must be (Kate) Winslet and he courted her assiduously. He took her to Glastonbury (in England) - not the festival, the town, because we were filming nearby - and she hated it. So he thought his friend must have just got it wrong. And then it turned out to be me."

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Thompson: 'Work Saved Me'

Emma Thompson Kenneth Branagh Sense And Sensibility

British actress Emma Thompson suffered from depression as her marriage to Kenneth Branagh fell apart - but writing the screenplay for Sense And Sensibility saved her from "going under".

The Nanny MCPhee star divorced the actor in 1995, and was so affected by the break up she didn't even want to change her clothes.

But Thompson insists concentrating on penning 1995's Sense and Sensibility helped her overcome her depression, and she went on to marry actor Greg Wise.

She says, "Work saved me, and then Greg. He picked up the pieces. I was acting on stage in Me and My Girl. It was so bad that I got to the stage I wasn't really changing my clothes at home. I remember that Ken had this black cashmere dressing gown and when he was not at home I simply wore it. It was a time when I couldn't even answer the phone, yet I would go out every night to perform in the theatre and cheerfully sing the Lambeth Walk.

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Bbc Gives Austen Sex In The City Makeover

JANE AUSTEN Sense And Sensibility Sex And The City

A new BBC adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's Sense And Sensibility has been likened to saucy TV show Sex And The City.
The broadcaster has been accused of "sexing up" the classic romantic drama, giving it a similar makeover to that of the 1995 adaptation of Austen's Pride And Prejudice, which saw Colin Firth as the handsome Mr Darcy.
But now producers are going one step further and describing it as "Sex and the City in the country".
Screenwriter Andrew Davis, who was also behind the other Austen production, says, "The novel is as much about sex and money as social conventions. This drama is more overtly sexual than most previous Austen adaptations."

Thompson Family Revive Magic Roundabout

Emma Thompson Sense And Sensibility Phyllida Law

British actress Emma Thompson is to voice new episodes of children's tale the MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - 25 years after the death of the series' writer and narrator, her father ERIC THOMPSON.
The Sense And Sensibility star will join sister SOPHIE and mother Phyllida Law to read tales from the cult show - featuring characters DOUGAL the dog and jack-in-the-box ZEBEDEE - which never made it onto TV.
The programme MORE FROM THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT will be aired on BBC Radio 4 from 26-30 March (07).

Hathaway Takes Austen Role After Thompson Backing

Anne Hathaway Emma Thompson JANE AUSTEN Sense And Sensibility

Anne Hathaway has Emma Thompson to thank for her new role playing JANE AUSTEN, because she was too scared to play the English icon until the Oscar-winning actress intervened.
Hathaway, who stars as the famed author in forthcoming movie BECOMING JANE, was having doubts before Thompson, who won an Oscar for her performance in the 1995 movie adaptation of Austen novel Sense And Sensibility, convinced her to take the role.
She explains, "I was having doubts but then I met Emma, who asked me what I was doing. I couldn't tell her I was not going to play Jane Austen. So I just did it."
And Hathaway has more than just the starring role to thank because of Thompson - she has developed a passion for tea since filming the movie in England.
She says, "I've this passion for tea - PG tips, builders tea. My dialect coach and I would discuss for hours the merits of sugar or milk with tea."

Thompson Nearly Lost Out On Love

Emma Thompson Greg Wise Kate Winslet Sense And Sensibility Kenneth Branagh

Actress Emma Thompson nearly lost out on husband Greg Wise after the actor was told by a white witch he was meant to marry Hollywood star Kate Winslet instead.
Thompson met Wise on the set of 1995's Sense And Sensibility. During filming, Wise consulted a witch who told him he would meet his future wife on the Oscar-winning film. Considering Thompson was still married to Kenneth Branagh, Wise assumed she meant his co-star Kate Winslet.
But their first date didn't go as planned, so Thompson swept in, and the pair have now been married for three years.
She says, "Greg had been to see a friend of his who was a bit of a witch and she had said 'You are going to meet your future wife on this film.'
"Of course, I was still married to Ken, so it didn't occur to Greg that it was me, he thought it was Kate. And he took Kate to Glastonbury (Southern England town), but she's a modern, and Greg is a hippie. So she was bored by Glastonbury!
"If he wanted to get into her knickers, he should have taken her to Barcelona."

Thompson Praises Madonna Adoption

Emma Thompson Madonna Sense And Sensibility

British actress Emma Thompson has praised Madonna for adopting Malawian baby DAVID BANDA last month (0CT06).
The Sense And Sensibility star has seen the plight of Malawi's children orphaned by AIDS first hand after becoming involved in charity work in the African country.
Shocked by the suffering she saw, in 2003 Thompson also welcomed an African orphan - 16-year-old TINDY - into her home after meeting the Rwandan refugee in London.
And the 47-year-old is convinced Madonna has made the right decision, despite taking David away from his native country and culture.
She says, "Malawi is a very difficult country, with tremendous problems with AIDS.
"While I understand the arguments about taking people away from their culture, there is a culture of deprivation and poverty that is not fun to be part of.
"She found a child in desperate need. Some people want to bring up a child personally, others want to act in a more general way, but both ways are surely to be welcomed."

Thompson's Suicide Plot

Emma Thompson Sense And Sensibility

British actress Emma Thompson knows exactly how she wants to die because she has already plotted her "perfect suicide".
The Sense And Sensibility star's morbid plan involves travelling to Scotland and drinking a lot of whisky.
The celebrated thespian says, "There's a tiny beach by my house in Scotland. I'd go there on a winter's day with a blanket and a bottle of scotch, and drink the lot - very carefully, so as not to throw up.
"Then I'd go to sleep and die of hypothermia. That's my perfect suicide."

Thompson Credits Writing Success To Late Dad's Lucky Pen

Emma Thompson Sense And Sensibility NANNY MCPHEE

Emma Thompson owes her writing successes to a "magic pen" her late father bought her when she was a child. The actress, who won an Oscar for her Sense And Sensibility adapted screenplay and acclaim for writing new family film NANNY MCPHEE, still uses the $29 (GBP17) pen her dad, ERIC, treated her to when she was a teenager. She says, "My dad died very young, at 52, when I was 21 - which one still hasn't really recovered from - and he bought me one of those ink pens. "He tried to persuade me to buy a cheaper one because he was quite mean with his money and I said, 'No, that's the one I want,' and I did all my exams with it, I've written all my scripts with it - it's like my magic pen." Thompson admits she always pens her scripts in longhand - because she hates the glare from a computer screen. She adds, "I just write at an old wooden table and I write longhand because I don't like writing on computers, I don't like the effect of that screen and the light of that screen on your body. "I know it's a bit new age of me; I'm not remotely new age, I have to say, and I support vast consumption of vodka in the evening and lots of very bad habits I have... but I write everything with a pen."

Winslet Talks Dirty

Kate Winslet Finding Neverland Sense And Sensibility

British actress Kate Winslet got judges steamed up at this year's (05) Venice Film Festival with dirty talk in her new film ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES.

The film's director JAMES TARTURRO admitted this week (begs05SEP05) that TITANIC star Winslet is very talented at using sexy words.

Tarturro says, "There's dirty language of a certain kind and there's a real art to that."

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