Newly single Selena Gomez is nursing her broken heart by thrusting herself into her work, and she can now put 'designer' on her CV has she has unveiled her new teen-fashion clothing collection at Kmart, reports E!.

The well-know celebrity gossip site describes the collection as "incredibly eclectic clothing, accessories and footwear that seem to reflect a curious blend of Selena's stage-ready bravado and bohemian street style at the moment." Their comments aren't exactly complimentary, though the website doesn't entirely pan the range either, they remain merely "confused" and dizzied by it all. Apparently it includes a lot of sequins, as well as faux-fur trimmed boots, faux-leather handbags, miniskirts, scarves and a strapless full length jump suit. Yeah, it really does seem like the terrible wardrobe of a tacky '80s soap opera. But, c'est la vie, that's teenagers for you.

Despite what sounds like the creative imagination of any 16 year old splurged into a store, undoubtedly Selena's range will fly out of the stores thanks to her hordes of adoring pre-teen fans. Alternatively, the recent break-up with teen heart-throb Justin Bieber may harm sales. Whenever a couple breaks up your friends have to choose a side, unfortunatley the same goes for fans. Uh-oh!