Selena Gomez might be taking her cues from pal Taylor Swift, as the Come And Get It singer has just released her first ode to a breakup. Sad Serenade (exactly what it says on the tin, folks) was leaked earlier today and speculation is already running rampant. Is it about Justin Bieber, seems to be the most pressing question on everyone’s mind, especially since the pair seemed to have been reconciling of late.

Selena Gomez, LAX
Is she is or is she ain't his baby?

But then music is also a business, and when you’re making an album, you have to break a few eggs. That’s how the metaphor went, right? Substitute “eggs” with “Justin’s ego” and the lyrics “I wish you the best I really do / Even though I'm still not over you / I know that we are both to blame / I can't believe, you didn't fight harder for me” start to make a whole lot of sense. Have a listen for yourself.

Ok, so there’s no way to know if Sad Serenade is actually about the Biebs, after all, the name Justin isn’t explicitely mentioned anywhere in the song. Still, even if Gomez didn’t write a Justin Bieber breakup tune, she certainly knew her fans would take it as such, so it’s kind of the same thing. Considering the fact that the two are apparently now having barbecues together (according to TMZ), a certain word comes to mind: awkward...

Selena Gomez, NEO Promo Shot
You never know what's going on with those two.