Fans of Selena Gomez got a little flustered this week after seeing photographs of the Disney star leaving an emergency room in Los Angeles, but it seems like the whole thing was a false alarm. Though Gomez did have a reason for checking into hospital, it was less of an emergency and more of a minor check-up.

In fact, the singer didn't actually have much wrong with her at all but thought it wise to get tested for bronchitis because her "throat was bothering her." A source added, "Also, her stepfather has had bronchitis so she wanted to be extra careful to make sure she wasn't getting it, too." It's been a rough old week for Gomez, who split from Justin Bieber before being photographed helping him celebrate his big wins at the American Music Awards. Confused? The pair have also been spotted on two dinner dates in recent days, perhaps talking through their personal problems. We're not sure why you'd choose a well-known Californian restaurant to air out your grievances instead of say, a house, but they did anyway and both looked reasonably stressed out afterwards.

So there you have it. Selena's fine, but kind of not fine because she's split up from Justin Bieber, but they haven't really split up.