It’s the fall of the teen queens – of sorts, anyway. In the brand new film Spring Breakers, due to be released this March, squeaky clean images will be shed as Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson take on the roles of confused, broke, but hell-bent on partying co-eds.

As the trailer shows, the girls are so set on going on their indulgent road trip, that they rob a store, and when they get arrested for, ahem, less-than-legal party activities, they get out thanks to the help of a gangster/rapper (played by James Franco, of all people). And they do it all, dressed only in bikinis – spring break style. As you can tell from that dizzying synopsis, one thing this isn’t, is realistic. But even with its slightly obnoxious colour scheme, convoluted plotlines and questionable acting, director Harmoni Korine’s Spring Breakers will surely be unmissable when it is released this spring, if for the setting alone. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy watching beautiful, half naked people strolling around sunny Florida for an hour and a half? Who needs a believable plot anyway? Sign us up! What do you think of this effort to shed the Disney stigma along with the clothes (yes we know Hudgens lost her clothes much earlier than this)?

Watch the trailer for Spring Breakers Below.