Selena Gomez always tries to dress ''age appropriate''.

The singer-and-actress is aware that she has a number of young fans and says she tries to wear clothes that they could also don.

She told People magazine: ''Obviously sometimes I'm going to dress for me. I wouldn't specifically want younger kids wearing a gown or a top that I wear. But most of the time I do wear things that are appropriate for everybody.''

Along with having her own clothing, Selena, 19, is preparing to release her debut fragrance this year and she is hoping it is the first of many.

She previously said: ''I'm so excited about my new fragrance which will be coming out soon. I think we're just going to name it after me for the first one because I think it would be simple to just do that for right now but I'm hoping this is the first in a line of perfumes, we'll see.

''It's going to be something different too because my fans are going to help me choose it so it'll be very fan involved. I've had some great suggestions from my fans already, they've been choosing some really good fragrances so it's very exciting.''