Selena Gomez checked herself into rehab last month for reasons which are currently unclear. The 21 year-old pop star is known to have headed to the Dawn at the Meadows rehabilitation clinic in Arizona on the 5th January and stayed there for two weeks. According to its website, the centre specialises in patients aged 18 to 26 years-old who are struggling with emotional trauma, addiction or dual diagnosis concerns.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Headed To Rehab In January For Two Weeks, Though Apparently Not Due To Drugs.

"Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse," Gomez's representative told People. The rep didn't disclose the cause of Selena's rehab day or the details of her treatment but RadarOnline claims to have learned that it was emotional issues that drove the singer to seek help.

Selena is known for her clean-cut image and Disney Channel past but apparently the real Getaway star is fond of partying extremely hard and is troubled by drug and alcohol abuse. "With fame came a partying lifestyle," said a source, whilst another added "Her friends and family became increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem with Selena."

Selena Gomez Performing
The Singer Cancelled A Host Of Concerts In December To Take Some Time Out.

"Particularly, her parents. The partying was, at times, wild. They wanted to help her - and they very much encouraged her to go to rehab. Others very close to her also urged her to seek professional help."

"It's important to remember that Selena had worked in Hollywood non-stop for six years," another insider said. "She was exhausted. Selena was smart enough to understand that she needed to take control of her life. "It just got to a point where she needed to get out of Los Angeles, get away from 'the scene' and the pressures of Hollywood, to also get away from those who had, admittedly, become a bad influence on her," they claimed, adding "Selena needed to take the opportunity to work on herself. She realized she needed help."

Though it was the emotional issues - and not drug problems - that Selena sought treatment for, the singer's break-up with fellow pop idol Justin Bieber is said to have had a devastating effect upon the young star. "Selena came to understand just what a bad influence Justin had been on her life," said another of Radar's sources. "Their relationship left her broken-hearted."

Justin Bieber
Selena's Break-Up With Pop Bad-Boy Justin Bieber Is Said To Have Had A Damaging Effect.

The warning signs came when Selena was forced to cancel a 13-date tour in December, citing personal reasons. She said in a statement at the time: "My fans are so important to me to me and I would never want to disappoint them. But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be."

The Spring Breakers actress is said to be now back on the right track with her work and personal life.