Selena Gomez’s Disney days are well and truly over, and the 21-year-old Texas-born star is moving on to create a more mature body of work. Her recent performance in Dallas saw her bare her midriff in a white ensemble, which is typical of her recent penchant for skimpy clothing.

Selena Gomez in DallasSelena Gomez belts out a tune in Dallas

Sound like any other former Disney star who’s making the headlines for her scantily clad appearance? No? We thought not. Anyway, Gomez isn’t exactly making headlines for her clothing, but she’s certainly catching peoples’ eyes.

She recently - having performed in her home state of Texas - turned up to the Flaunt’s En Garde issue launch part in a ridiculously revealing outfit, stating – in no uncertain terms – that her Disney days are over; it’s all about ‘Spring Breakers’ and ‘Come and Get It.’