Selena Gomez has no plans to go to college.

The 19-year-old star - who is dating Justin Bieber - is "open" to returning to her studies in future but is currently happy to focus on her career.

She told 'The Ralphie Radio Show': "I'm of course always open to [going to college], but at the moment I'm definitely enjoying where I'm at right now and having a great time touring and focusing on that."

The 'Love You Like A Love Song' singer also insisted that recent speculation she is to star in a new prequel to hit TV series 'Sex And The City' is not true, though she admitted she would be "honoured" to appear if the show did happen.

Asked about the speculation, she said: "That's all rumours, it would definitely be an honour but I haven't been approached

"I am a 'Sex and the City' fan, actually my mom is probably more, I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was younger, so I kind of missed a lot but I saw a couple of episodes."