The tides have turned in the supposed Selena Gomez/Ed Sheeran romance, faster than you could say “they’re not dating," which is, coincidentally, what Sheeran’s reps are saying, according to Metro. Us Weekly broke the story that the pair had supposedly been introduced over Memorial Day by Taylor Swift, who is a mutual friend, as well as Sheeran’s current tour mate. According to the magazine, Sheeran had also previously made comments to the effect that he wouldn’t mind getting introduced to the Spring Breakers star.

On the other side, a source from Selena’s camp reportedly claimed that she was attracted to Sheeran’s maturity and depth, as opposed to her previous flame, Justin Bieber. "She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child. This is a nice escape from the drama," said an insider. This may very well be true (and the reason behind Selena's attraction is definitely believable), but unfortunately when the two did get introduced there are no sparks flying, no romance bubbling – in short, the two aren’t dating.

That in turn means that Selena’s love life will probably remain the subject of speculation for weeks to come, while Sheeran’s remains as mysterious as ever. The sensitive singer has an enormous following of charmed ladies and yet, he himself hasn’t been seriously linked to anyone (excluding the Taylor Swift rumors, which circulated earlier this year, but were later thoroughly rebuffed by both sides). But who knows, maybe the two are just being coy.

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They're not dating, But we bet it would have worked.