Selena Gomez, girlfriend of Justin Bieber and hugely successful singer and actress in her own right, has admitted to a somewhat bizarre habit before going on stage to sing. The 19 year old drinks oil before entertaining her thousands of fans.
However, it's just perfectly edible olive oil that the star takes should she be suffering from a sore throat beforehand. "This may sound gross, but sometimes I drink a little bit of olive oil," she admitted to The Associated Press, "It tastes terrible, but it coats your throat so it's really good for the vocal chords". That's not the only pre-performance superstition the 'Who Says' singer has either, saying that she and her band "huddle" together - hopefully well after she's done drinking oil - before going on; mainly so that they can "wish each other a good show."
They'll be huddling tighter than normal at the MTV European Music Awards on November 6th 2011 in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Gomez is hosting a show that'll include performances by Lady GaGa, Queen, Coldplay and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Admitting that she's "definitely nervous", she also enthused "I'm really excited and looking forward to having fun with it. And I'm really happy that my band will be there with me, and my family and friends".