Selena Gomez wasn't prepared to let the news of Justin Bieber's arrest in Miami interfere with her social plans. Her ex-boyfriend may have been spending the day with lawyers and the police but Gomez spent her evening with good friend Demi Lovato.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez discussed her friendship with Demi Lovato in a recent magazine interview.

The two dined at celebrity hotspot Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday evening (23rd January). Lovato was sporting nearly dyed pink hair, yet another colour which she's already tried out. It does tie in perfectly with her upcoming Neon Lights tour, set to begin in February.

The two have been friends for a number of years and, despite a public fall out in 2010, have most definitely rekindled their friendship. In a recent interview, with Seventeen magazine, Gomez discussed this aspect of their relationship. She stated "I've known her since we were seven-and we did fall apart for a while. She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing-I processed it saying, 'OK, I don't understand what she's going through so I'm just going to do this.' And I don't think it was fair, and I'm so happy that I have her back in my life now."

Demi Lovato showed off her newly coloured pink hair on Instagram:

Gomez further discussed her friendship with Lovato in depth. Gomez described her friend as "very, very strong," and stated "she's he only person that I would tell the deepest, darkest secrets to. The only person."

The 21-year-old singer continued to marvel at her close friend's confidence and strength. She said "I couldn't imagine going through some of the things that she went through, and the fact that she is who she is today is insane," adding "she's one of my inspirations."

Their Thursday night dinner may be one of the last times the girls will be together for a while. Lovato is touring the US and Canada throughout February and March on her Neon Lights Tour, whilst Gomez's latest films Rudderless and Behaving Badly are currently in post-production.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in 2011, shortly after their reunion.