Selena Gomez is all-grown up and she’s got the Billboard Number 1 to prove it after scoring a No.1 debut with her solo album, Stars Dance. After selling 97, 000 copies, the single will chart at the top spot next week, not long after the singer turned 21 on July 22nd. Clearly, Selena has plenty of reasons to pop open a bottle of champagne. And she can now legally have a drink, too! Or several (with the help of her entourage, of course, Hollywood is already all-too-abundant with celebs DUI).

Gomez sat down with MTV to chat about her latest success, and in the process, ended up revealing some funny experiences typical of the child star career path.

Selena Gomez, Central Park
The now-legal star has a lot to celebrate.

“I remember when I was 16 or 17 and Naturally came out and it went number 1 on Billboard’s Club chart,” Selena recalled. “And I died laughing because I was 16 and I’d never even been in a club. My song was doing great in clubs and I was like: “Awesome.””

Selena Gomez, BBC Radio 1
The singer saw her first Number 1 debut this week.

Gomez’s song knocked Jay Z off the throne, after two weeks on top with Magna Carta Holy Grail. H.O.V.A. In his third week in the chart, Mr Carter managed to move 77,000 copies, adding up to a 735,000 total over his entire reign. In the iTunes chart, the positions are reversed, with Jay Z still raining supreme, while Gomez comes in at a close second.

The saucy video for Come and Get It probably had something to do with Selena's success. Check it out below.