Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a ''crazy connection''.

The former couple have fuelled speculation they are set to reunite after Selena flew to Norway earlier this week to see the 'Baby' hitmaker, who is currently on tour, and friends insist they can't stay away from each other despite a rocky relationship.

A source told Us Weekly: ''''They have a crazy connection. They just can't seem to break their connection. It can be intense.''

It was recently claimed Selena, 20, was spending time with Justin's friends in order to annoy him.

A source said: ''Justin's friends look at Selena like a celebrity, so they still want to keep that connection -- despite Justin being hurt by her.

''She purposely continues to associate with them just to annoy Justin.''

Justin was annoyed when his close friend and aspiring rapper King Kevi spent time with Selena earlier this month at her Los Angeles home.

The source added: ''Justin was annoyed. He said, 'Yo, why were you kicking it with her? I thought you and I were homies.' He doesn't think they're hooking up but doesn't want his closest friends partying with her.

''Kevi told him there was nothing going on and they've gotten over it.

''There's nothing going on romantically between Selena and King Kevi, other than them using each other. King is using Selena to get his name out there, and Selena is using King to get under Justin's skin.''