It was a mixed bag for Selena Gomez at the Adidas NEO Label Launch in New York City this week, with the brand's ambassador introducing the new collection to a packed house, though having the event marred by sweatshop protestors. The label has been designed by teen bloggers (who also modelled the collection at the event) and came to life during New York Fashion Week. Both Selena and on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber represent the stylish brand, though the latter thought better of turning up for the launch - perhaps he got wind of the protests?

Gomez was her amiable self while on-stage at the event, telling the crowd afterwards, "So that was the very first Adidas NEO label fashion show created entirely by you guys so thank you so much for coming out, I'm so excited to be a part of this." She proceeded to take snaps with the designers and models before scurrying off-stage like a field mouse. All the better really, given a man looking suspiciously like one of the Jonas Brothers bypassed security and began throwing protest literature around the place.

The same guy was spotted later, forming a huddle of protestors in the cold. Their hastily made signage read, "SELENA, DON'T BE AN AMBASSADOR FOR SWEATSHOPS." One member of the group accepted an invitation to speak with the press, saying, "Adidas has refused to pay severance to 2800 direct workers from Indonesia that sewed its apparel for over 10 years. Two of these workers are here today." Later, the protestors began chanting, led by the Jonas Brother guy.