The worst fear of millions of Beliebers was just realized. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are again hanging out.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber on tour in Australia in December 2013

But does that mean they are back together? The pair were spotted Thursday (2 January) riding around Bieber's neighborhood on a pair of Segways. Bieber didn't seem to be worried about Gomez keeping up with him, and wandered ahead with another friend. But you can bet he was guessing was the 21-year-old singer was thinking.

The 19-year-old recently said in an interview Gomez is still the love of his life, and he hopes they will begin talking again soon.

"She's a great woman," he told Hot 106 in December (via The Daily Mail). "I love her till this day."

It's not clear if that interview is what caused them to become friends, but it looks like she has opened up enough to let him back in her life. He also told the radio station that the breakup inspired him.

"I wrote the best music once my heart was broken," he explained. "'All That Matters' was written when I was in a great place in my relationship, and at that time, [Selena] was all that mattered in my life."

Life & Style Weekly is also reporting that Gomez is looking for a home in the same Calabasas neighborhood as her former boyfriend.

"Selena is very close to making an offer on a house inside the Calabasas development where Justin lives," the magazine said. "She looked at other neighborhoods but really fell in love with a home near Justin's."

But since the magazine is a tabloid, you never know what to believe.

Selena GomezSelena Gomez performs in Las Vegas on her 'Stars Dance' tour

Gomez recently canceled her Australian tour, reportedly due to a lupus diagnosis. The singer and actress hasn't talked about it yet, but it looks like she is making some room in her life for old friends.