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The Bronze Trailer

In 2003/04 Hope Annabelle Greggory was one of America's sweethearts. She was one of the Gold medal hopefuls at the 2004 Rome Olympics and up until the very second that she took to the bar, she was thought to be the clear winner; however when Hope makes a costly stumble it puts an end to her professional career and she wins only a bronze medal.

In the years following, Hope finds herself becoming something of a minor celebrity, appearing on dancing shows but when her celebrity status is soon to be overshadowed by a new gymnast Maggie Townsend who looks to gain all the glory once bestowed to Hope.

Will Hope put her pride to the side in order to help Maggie win the gold?

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Captain America: Civil War - First Look Trailer

As the world of Marvel super heroes become ever more entwined, Captain America: Civil War picks up where Ant-Man ends. As the Avengers take on more and more missions, the damage they cause is ever increasing and the government feel it's time to put an end to their unlimited power.

Captain America gains information so sensitive that he knows even his closest friends aren't going to believe it, Captain America and Falcon are alone. With The Avengers now broken into two sides, Captain America believing the superheroes shouldn't be regulated and Iron Man on the other, believing the government have a valid argument.

Can The Avengers overcome their differences and fight a new force that threatens to destroy the world as we know it. Captain America: Civil War sees many of our favourite Marvel character appear, these include: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Black Panther & War Machine.

The Martian Review


Just as people began to write off veteran director Ridley Scott after a series of merely OK movies, the 77-year-old casually releases his most entertaining film in years. This sci-fi adventure is lithe, humorous, thrilling and genuinely moving. In other words, it's one of Scott's best films, mixing eye-catching visuals with a story that resonates with both emotion and deeper meaning. And it's also a lot of fun.

In the very near future, the first manned mission to Mars is caught off guard by a sudden storm. With their ship in danger, Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastain) orders the crew to evacuate, but in the chaos botanist Watney (Matt Damon) is knocked away and presumed dead. As Lewis and her team (Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan and Aksel Hennie) begin the long trek back to Earth, Watney wakes up alone on Mars and understands that he will need to survive until the next mission arrives in four years' time. But his habitat is only designed to last for 30 days, so he has a lot of work to do. Eventually, he thinks of a way to get a message back home to Nasa, letting them know he's alive. Now the experts (including Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Bean and Kristen Wiig) must figure out a way to rescue him before he runs out of food and water.

The story plays out on three fronts: with Watney using his expertise to survive, Lewis and her crew on their long journey back home, and the Nasa officials mounting a rescue mission. All three plot-strands are riveting, using convincing science to explore the conundrum while cranking up the emotional urgency of the situation. Intriguingly, the script never gives Watney a family back on Earth to sentimentalise things; the film simply doesn't need that. And Damon more than holds the audience's sympathy. He's funny, smart, tenacious and thoroughly identifiable, the kind of person we wish we would be in the same situation.

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The Martian - Clips

In these faux featurettes, the crew of Ares 3 talk us through some of the procedures and practices they must go through before embarking on their perilous mission to Mars. The small team of astronauts are put through rigorous training and exercise programs to make sure they're both mentally and physically fit for the mission.

The team also talk about how they will actually get to Mars and show you around their ship.

Matt Damon leads the cast in The Martian, he plays astronaut Mark Watney who specialises in botany and mechanical engineering. The story follows his struggle to survive as he becomes deserted on Mars after a near fatal accident.

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2015 Toronto International Film Festival - 'The Martian' - Premiere

Sebastian Stan - 2015 Toronto International Film Festival - 'The Martian' - Premiere - Toronto, Canada - Friday 11th September 2015

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan

Ricki And The Flash Review


Meryl Streep is having so much fun playing an ageing rocker that the audience only barely registers that this film isn't nearly as deep as it's pretending to be. There are some very nice observations about the messy ties that hold families together, as well as the fragility of dreams, but the real draw here is seeing Streep tearing up the screen, whether she's singing rock-n-roll classics or indulging in some spirited on-screen drama with her real-life daughter Mamie Gummer.

Streep plays Ricki, who has ended up singing in a shady Los Angeles bar with her on-off boyfriend Greg (Rick Springfield) and their band The Flash. Then she gets a call from her ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline) saying that their daughter Julie (Gummer) has fallen into a deep depression and needs her mom. So Ricki heads home to Indianapolis, where she also has to face her two sons (Nick Westrate and Sebastian Stan), both of whom feel like they've been ignored by their childish mother and don't want much to do with her. So as she helps Julie cheer up, she's dealing with her sons, clashing with Pete's wife Maureen (Audra McDonald) and wondering why she's so reluctant about settling down with Greg.

None of this is terribly complicated, but the script is by Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for Juno and also wrote the similarly themed Young Adult. She packs the dialogue with barbed wit that slices right to the core of these characters, bringing out crisp insights and dark emotions. The character interaction is often magical, including Streep's reignited chemistry with Kline (they first sparked together more than 30 years ago in Sophie's Choice). Her scenes with Gummer have an effortless crackle of authenticity, as do her biting chats with McDonald. In fact, the only weak moments are her off-stage scenes with Springfield, who expresses himself better with a guitar in his hands.

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Ricki And The Flash - International Trailer

Ricki Rendazzo is a rock star who gave up everything to pursue her dream of stardom. But when her ex-husband Pete asks her to visit Chicago and help their estranged, divorced daughter Julie through a difficult time, she's given a chance to make amends with the family she abandoned for a life of fame and fortune. Taking her shot at redemption, Ricki faces the music and tries to make up for lost time. Meryl Streep stars opposite her real-life daughter Mamie Gummer for the third time. They previously starred in Heartburn (1986) and Evening (2007) together.

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See Matt Damon Get Left Behind On Mars In First Look At 'The Martian' [Trailer + Pictures]

Matt Damon Sebastian Stan Ridley Scott Jessica Chastain Kristen Wiig Jeff Daniels

David Bowie once asked us if there was ‘Life on Mars’ and this November the answer will be yes.. sort of, as Matt Damon finds himself stranded all alone on the red planet. Following in the footsteps of Gravity and Interstellar, comes Ridley Scott’s The Martian 2015’s space set drama, which sees Matt Damon fight for survival alone on Mars.

the martianMatt Damon stars as astronaut Mark Watney in The Martian.

In The Martian Damon stars as astronaut Mark Watney, who is left stranded and presumed dead on Mars, after his crew evacuate the planet during a dust storm. Faced with a potential four year wait for rescue, Watney must fight to stay alive, as he attempts to make contact with ground control.

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The Martian - International Trailer

Mark Watney is an astronaut whose resourceful and determined personality is the only thing he has to rely on when he is accidentally abandoned on Mars when his team abort their mission in the face of an oncoming storm. He is presumed dead, but he has miraculously survived, though injured, and now must do everything within his power to get a message to NASA, calculating that if they get it, he still has to survive for four years until they reach him. He has little left in the way of supplies and is living in a Hab which is meant for only a month's worth of use. On his to do list is to attempt to grow crops to survive on, and do everything he can to make water. Luckily for him, a message does reach NASA and his crewmates immediately come together to work out how to rescue their man.

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Ricki And The Flash - Teaser Trailer

Ricki Rendazzo is a veteran rockstar as part of her band Ricki And The Flash. She's adored by so many people in the world apart from the people who matter the most; her family. While on tour (as usual) she gets a call from her ex-husband Pete telling her that her daughter Julie has been dumped by her partner Max for another woman. Realising finally that her presence is needed, she drops everything and rushes to her daughter's aid - though, as it turns out, Julie is far from grateful. She and her brother have been forced to spend their most cherished memories without Ricki there, with their stepmother Maureen taking on the role as a proper mother to them. Ricki's son doesn't want her at his forthcoming wedding either, so it seems Ricki has a lot of making up to do if she wants to have a hope of re-connecting with her loved ones.

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'Captain America: Civil War': Marvel Announces Cast & Plot Synopsis

Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson Jeremy Renner William Hurt Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie Emily Vancamp Don Cheadle Paul Bettany Elizabeth Olsen Daniel Bruhl Martin Freeman Chadwick Boseman Avengers Paul Rudd

Marvel has announced the cast of Captain America: Civil War and it looks like pretty much everyone from the Avengers world will return alongside Chris Evans as Steve Rogers. The news was announced by Marvel on Thursday (7th May).

The AvengersChris Evans' Captain America will lead the Avengers team in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Read More: Martin Freeman Joins Cast Of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

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Daniel Bruhl Reportedly Cast In 'Captain America: Civil War' In Unspecific Role

Daniel Bruhl Robert Downey Jr Anthony Mackie Sebastian Stan Samuel L Jackson Chadwick Boseman Scarlett Johansson

Daniel Bruhl has reportedly been cast in the next Captain America film entitled Captain America: Civil War.

Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl has been cast in Captain America: Civil War.

Read More: Rush, Starring Daniel Bruhl, Movie Review.

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Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2014

Sebastian Stan - Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2014 held at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center - Day 4 - Rosemont, Illinois, United States - Sunday 24th August 2014

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie

Opening Night Of 'King Lear' - Arrivals

Sebastian Stan - Opening night of 'King Lear' held at the Delacorte Theater - Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 5th August 2014

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan

Captain America: The Winter Solider Marvels The US Box Office As Johnny Depp Suffers Another Flop

Chris Evans Sebastian Stan Johnny Depp

It seems there really is no defeating Captain America, as The Winter Solider has topped the US box office again for the third straight week, what's more the movie has now passed the $200million box office mark. Not fairing so well over the Easter holiday however was Johnny Depp, who is suffering another box office flop as Transcendence only managed to enter in 4th place.

Chris Evans as Captain AmericaChris Evans reigns supreme as Captain America

This week, Captain America: The Winter Solider took on the star power of Johnny Depp whose new movie Transcendence opened to negative reviews. According to studio estimates, The Winter Solider took around $26 million at the box office, whilst Depp’s offering only managed $11 million, coming in on fourth place. Sadly for Depp, Transcendence marks his third box office flop in a row after The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows.

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