Sean Penn’s son Hopper seems to be taking after his father… but not in a good way. Hopper was caught on camera following his father into a medical building in Beverly Hills and pushing a paparazzi videographer out of the way. Not content with pushing him, the 19 year old then got into a verbal spat with the man, calling him a “fa**ot” and a “n***er.”

Not a good look for Hopper, who was questioned by TMZ about his behaviour and at least had the decency to see the error of his ways and apologise. “I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal - threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions,” said Hopper. He added “I deeply regret my choice of words.” Luckily for Hopper, the paparazzo told nearby cops that he did not wish to take the matter any further and told them that he did not wish to press charges.

 Sadly, this is an all too familiar story for the Penn family. Nearly four years ago, Sean himself was involved in a physical altercation with a photographer and was sentenced to three years’ probation for kicking a man who was trying to film him. In this recent video, the photographer can be heard calling out to Sean saying “What?! That's the kind of talk you're teaching him, Sean. Huh?” 

Sean Penn
Sean Penn: Just what has he been teaching his son?