Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were spotted vacationing together over the holiday, sparking plenty of romance rumors. But those rumors have been sparked before, so is there anything to them?

Charlize TheronCharlize Theron attends a gala in LA in October

Plenty of Twitter users reported sightings just before Christmas near Waikiki in Hawaii, and on 30 December, they were seen again on the beach. According to E! News, they were also photographed together on New Year's Day arriving back at the airport.

If the 38-year-old actress and 53-year-old actor are dating, it's probably not a new love. They were seen out together as early as 2010, when both were conveniently single. Penn had previously divorced wife Robin Wright, and Theron had just broken up from boyfriend Stuart Townsend. The actor had been with Wright for nearly 20 years, before they were finally divorced in 2010.

Theron and Penn were also seen in October 2012 at Seth MacFarlane's birthday, and were again at his home in December 2013 for another party.

E! News tried to get any details out of both actors' reps, but no one is talking.

Sean PennSean Penn at the Raphael Theater in San Francisco

The actors' age difference is, let's face it, not that much of a difference. It is Hollywood, after all. But besides spending time together, there is absolutely no indication that Theron and Penn are dating.

Their friendship (or relationship) so far seems pretty solid. So whether they are friends or more, it may not matter. Chances are we will see much more of the pair, and they aren't spilling their secrets any time soon.