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Picture - David Brookwell and Sean McNamara... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 24th January 2015

David Brookwell and Sean McNamara - Los Angeles premiere of 'Hoovey' held at Bel Air Presbyterian Church - Arrivals at Bel Air Presbyterian Church - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 24th January 2015

David Brookwell and Sean McNamara

La Vida Robot Trailer

NASA are sponsoring a highly esteemed robotics competition, where students from various schools compete to build a robot that can perform underwater. When four Mexican-American high school kids from Phoenix, Arizona decide to go for it, their parents and teachers are sceptical given that the previous year's winners was a highly funded project at M.I.T. They have very little money indeed, a little under a thousand dollars, but they have a wealth of determination and drive that brings them together to build a fully-functioning and innovative machine made simply from used car parts - despite their lack of technological experience. They may have the guts and the ambition to succeed in such a prestigious event, but the question is whether the judges will see that and value their project based on the heart and soul that has gone into it.

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Soul Surfer Trailer

Thirteen year old Bethany Hamilton loves to surf; she comes from a family of surfers, so there is nothing more she likes doing then catching some waves, in Hawaii, where she lives. When not surfing, she likes hanging out with her friends and flirting with guys, like any other teen her age.

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