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Megyn Kelly Replaces Sean Hannity In Key 9pm Fox News Slot

Megyn Kelly has landed a dream move from daytime television to Fox News' prime-time line-up, replacing Sean Hannity in the 9pm slot - after The O'Reilly Factor. Hannity himself is moving to 10pm."Hannity is the...

Report: Shakeup Begins At Fox News Channel

Signaling what columnist Dylan Byers described as a long-anticipated primetime shakeup at Fox News, the cable news channel announced on Thursday that Shepard Smith will no longer anchor the 7:00 p.m. hour but will...

Gop Furious Over Hillary Clinton Films

epublican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus repeated his threat Monday night to refuse to provide the Republican candidates in 2016 for national debates moderated by NBC or CNN if the two networks do not halt...

Shock Jock! Cumulus To Drop Rush Limbaugh, But Why?

Who said Rush Limbaugh was invincible? Certainly not executives at Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country who is reportedly planning to drop both Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from its stations at the end...

Sony Giving Vets And Servicemen Free White House Down Tickets

Apparently reacting to accusations by some conservative pundits that White House Down amounts to an attack by liberal Hollywood filmmakers on U.S. servicemen, Sony Pictures announced Tuesday that it will allow all active personnel and...

Hannity, O'reilly See Ratings Plummet media columnist Dylan Byers has taken issue with New York Daily News TV writer Don Kaplan, who on Sunday headlined his column Political commentator Sean Hannity was one of the big losers in the...

Hannity, O'reilly See Ratings Plummet media columnist Dylan Byers has taken issue with New York Daily News TV writer Don Kaplan, who on Sunday headlined his column Political commentator Sean Hannity was one of the big losers in the...

Radio Host Glenn Beck Secures $100 Million Five Year Deal

US radio host Glenn Beck has signed a jaw-dropping $100 million deal with Premiere Networks Inc. to continue distributing his radio show for another five years, Reuters reports today (June 12, 2012). The agreement was...

Cnn's Audience Plummets As Broadcast Networks' Soars

A lot of people were watching television Tuesday night. The season finale of NCIS was the most watched, with 19.05 million viewers, according to final figures from Nielsen Research. Its sibling spin-off NCIS Los Angeles...

O'donnell Walkout Boosts Morgan's Ratings

Piers Morgan is likely to have concluded that Christine O'Donnell's decision to walk out on him during an interview Wednesday night was, as the English are wont to say, "brilliant." O'Donnell's appearance on the show...

Trump Says Apprentice Cooler Than Presidency

Donald Trump acknowledged Tuesday night that he decided not to seek the Republican presidential nomination because, under the FCC's Equal Time rule, he would be unable to continue as host of NBC's The Apprentice ....

Morgan's Ratings Plummet On Third Night

Piers Morgan's interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday, in which he focused on her personal life, took a nosedive in the ratings. Among the key demographic group of viewers 25-54, Morgan...

Group Charges Mtv's Skins Amounts To "Kiddie Porn"

Claiming that the new MTV series Skins amounts to "kiddie porn," the head of the Media Research Center, which operates the watchdog group Parents Television Council has called upon the Justice Department to determine whether...

Baldwin Apologises For Attacking Radio Host

THE USUAL SUSPECTS star STEPHEN BALDWIN has apologised for taking aim at U.S. radio political pundit SEAN HANNITY after the presenter poked fun at his brother ALEC on air.Baldwin suggested Hannity should "get off the...

Republican Orders To Fox News?

Although Fox News has adamantly insisted that any bias in its reports is limited to the commentaries of its primetime hosts and does not affect its daytime news coverage, the liberal website Media Matters has...

Sarah Palin Fires Back At Katie Couric

Sarah Palin leveled a highly charged blast at CBS anchor Katie Couric during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News Monday night. Palin, who was made to look ridiculous in a parody of the...

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