Sean Connery beats David Beckham when it comes to exercise, according to a survey.

Despite being 77, former James Bond actor Connery has topped a poll of celebrities women think about most when working out, beating 33-year-old footballer Beckham who came second.

The survey was commissioned to mark Cancer Research UK's Race for Life 2008 series and looked to find out which celebrities would motivate women to get to the finish line.

Fiery chef Gordon Ramsey finished third, while Prince William came fourth in a survey of over 1,000 women by the charity.

Simon Cowell also featured, taking the fifth place spot on the list.

Natasha Woodford, head of Cancer Research UK's Race for Life said of the findings: "It was surprising to find that Sean Connery beat David Beckham, who regularly tops the poll of the world's best looking men.

"But whether it's a famous heartthrob or a family member, it's always a good incentive to have someone waiting for you at the finish line, and we're sure there will be lots of people supporting our Race for Life participants at the events this year."

As well as seeking to find every woman's ideal celebrity that motivates them to get to the finish line, the survey also revealed that women would most like to go for a walk, jog or run with the female cast of Friends, while the Golden Girls came second.

Third place went to those Desperate Housewives and the Sex And The City women and Girls Aloud made it into the chart in fourth and fifth place respectively.

31/05/2008 13:02:36