Rap mogul Sean Combs turned to music as his second career choice after his dreams of becoming a professional American footballer were cut short when he broke his leg in school.
The hip-hop star, who has established himself as one of the most powerful figures in the rap industry since rising to fame in the early 1990s, admits he never even considered pursuing his love of music professionally because he spent his childhood aiming to become one of the the National Football League's top picks.
But his sporting goals came crashing down when he suffered a severe injury, putting an early end to his football career before it had even begun.
He tells British radio DJ Tim Westwood, "I never had any aspirations to become a recording artist, producer, music mogul or anything like that. I loved American football. So throughout grade school and high school I was pursuing dreams to become a professional American football player.
"My last year of high school is when I broke my leg, right before my most important season when the scouts come to see you."
Combs went on to found Bad Boy Entertainment, encompassing his record label, clothing lines, movie production company and two restaurants. In 2006, his net worth was estimated at $346 million (£230.7 million) and he came second to Jay-Z in Forbes magazine's Hip-Hop Cash Kings list with a 2009/2010 fortune of $30 million (£20 million).
And Combs hasn't given up on finding success on the football field - he now wants to invest in a top NFL team and become a majority stakeholder.
He recently said, "You know there aren't any black owners and I plan on being the first black owner of an NFL football team. I wanna put it out there. Not minority owners, majority owners!"