Rap mogul Sean Combs is convinced NOTORIOUS B.I.G. would still be alive if he hadn't agreed to stall a promotional trip to London, so the pair could party in Los Angeles.
The heavyweight rap star was gunned down and killed in a drive-by shooting incident in 1997 after attending a party with his pal as part of a two-day celebration to mark the end of a recording session - and Diddy reveals the hitmaker, real name Christopher Wallace, shouldn't even have been in America on the night he died.
Combs tells Playboy magazine that if he could have the days leading up the tragedy back, he would insist Notorious B.I.G. went to London.
He says, "Big was supposed to go to London, but he called me that morning and said he needed two days with me to celebrate finishing his album, because we never hung out in clubs.
"He said he wasn't going to London, and he was coming to my house to get me to go to the Vibe (magazine) party. In retrospect, I should have flipped out as I normally do and made sure he got on that plane to London.