Take two transgender prostitutes, one busy Christmas Eve and a tale of betrayal and you have the basic premise to Tangerine, an independent comedy-drama from director, Sean Baker.

TangerineTangerine is a unique take on a life less shown by director, Sean Baker

Baker centres the action around several crime-riddled blocks of Tinseltown and on Sin-Dee (newcomer Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) who is back on the block after a 28-day stint in prison.

Unfortunately, however, the working girl does not re-enter freedom to good news after she finds out that her pimp boyfriend (James Ransone) has been unfaithful.

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Her best friend, working girl Alexandra (newcomer Mya Taylor) advises her to let it go but Sin-Dee refuses to lie down this time and embarks on a quest to find the other woman, Dinah, and her love, Chester.

And so they start off on their complicated journey with Sin-Dee determined to find her betrayers, Alexandra keen to step away from her friend’s conflict as she deals with her own life on the town and an Armenian-American cab driver, casually picking up his own fares throughout the afternoon.

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Baker has a reputation for bringing light to life often not seen on the big screen (Starlet, Prince of Broadway) and Tangerine is no exception providing a raw and close-up look at a unique area of Los Angeles’ sex-trade. 

The film is due for limited release on July, 10 but for a sneak preview, click here.