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Tron: Legacy Review

It's fairly safe to say that most of the fans of this long-awaited sequel won't have been born when the original Tron was released in 1982. With the derivative story and direction, the whizzy effects are its only calling card.

After his computer-genius father Flynn (Bridges) disappeared, Sam (Hedlund) grew up not wanting anything to do with Dad's business. But when the company shifts priorities, he takes action. This sparks a message from Flynn's business partner (Boxleitner) that sends Sam investigating the old arcade game Tron.

Suddenly, Sam is zapped into his father's cyberworld, where he has to battle to stay alive. And when he finds his now-old dad, he teams up with the hot Quorra (Wilde) to defeat the evil leader Clu (a digital young Bridges) and get home.

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Matchstick Men Review

Matchstick Men is an uncharacteristic departure for director Ridley Scott. After all, who didn't think the man was utterly without a sense of humor or even a soul of after the hopelessly depressing Gladiator and Black Hawk Down?

But even Scott proves that he can't suppress his frosted side forever, thanks to this spirited and undeniably sweet look at the con game spliced with a family drama -- his best work in years.

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The Core Review

The Core is Armageddon inside the Earth. If you've caught the trailer, spotted the revealing poster, or even overheard a total stranger briefly mentioning the plot in mixed company, then you've figured this much already. What's most distressing is that The Core is Armageddon without a heart to dangle from its sleeves. Michael Bay's bombastic endeavor may have choked itself on chest-heaving male bonding and fist-pumping patriotism, but at least it gave a damn. Here, we're going through the motions.

When the core of our planet stops spinning on its axis - a reason is given, though it makes little sense - a motley crew of hastily-trained scientists must accompany two astronauts (Bruce Greenwood, Hilary Swank) to the Earth's center so they can jump-start our globe using nuclear weapons.

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Best Laid Plans Review

Straight-to-video movies usually do so for a reason, but Best Laid Plans just may have gotten a bum rap. Centered around a complicated scheme between Nivola and Witherspoon (fiesty as ever, here) to steal a valuable Civil War artifact in order to pay back the subject of an earlier crime, things get progressively more complicated until the enexorably uninspired conclusion. While it's a relatively tepid thriller, Best Laid Plans actually had me sit up on the edge of my seat once, and any chance to see Witherspoon in handcuffs is certainly an opportunity not to be missed.
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