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Cox Considers Surgery

3rd October 2005

Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX is considering having plastic surgery if she starts looking too old for husband DAVID ARQUETTE. The actress, 41, met her 34-year-old spouse on the set of 1996 horror movie...

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Get Ready To Scream Again

12th September 2005

LATEST: Horror franchise SCREAM is set for another outing on the big screen, but this time NEVE CAMPBELL won't play a part. According to gossip website,, the actress was in negotiations to reprise...

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Cox Loves Normality

13th July 2005

FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX has slammed claims she and film star husband DAVID ARQUETTE enjoy a lavish celebrity lifestyle - she insists they strive for normality. Since the birth of their daughter COCO last...

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Mccarthy Ditches No-nudity Clause For New Film

5th July 2005

Actress JENNY McCARTHY has ditched her movie no-nudity clause to boost international interest in her new film DIRTY LOVE. The SCREAM 3 star makes her screenplay writing debut and stars in the saucy comedy,...

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Houston Asked To Pull Out Of Teen Tour Due To Racy Video

24th May 2005

R+B star MARQUES HOUSTON's summer plans have come to a standstill thanks to his controversial new video. The actor/singer was expected to join teen stars MARIO and BOW WOW on the upcoming SCREAM tour...

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Arquette To Dress As A Squirrel

23rd May 2005

LATEST: DAVID ARQUETTE has announced he'll not only provide the voice of a squirrel in his new TV show DIRT SQUIRREL, he'll also dress up as one. In the proposed animated series, which Arquette...

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Aniston Becomes Coco's Godmother

11th April 2005

JENNIFER ANISTON was named godmother to her FRIENDS co-star COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE's daughter COCO at a ceremony on Saturday (09APR05). Aniston took on her responsibility to the 10-month-old child, whose father is actor DAVID...

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Stone Roses Frontmen Reunite

27th March 2005

British rocker IAN BROWN was joined by ex-STONE ROSES bandmate MANI on Thursday (24MAR05) night for a wild gig kickstarting Brown's KING MONKEY's UK TOUR. The performance also held a particular significance for the...

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Campbell Raises Tourettes Awareness

6th March 2005

Actress NEVE CAMPBELL invested a staggering $1.9 million (GBP1 million) into a movie about Tourette's Syndrome - because she wanted to raise awareness about the illness her younger brother suffers. DAMIAN, now 24, was...

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Moss Rocks Out

18th January 2005

Aspiring singer KATE MOSS stepped up her pursuit of a music career at her birthday party on Sunday (16JAN05) - when she rocked with British band PRIMAL SCREAM onstage. The CHANEL model - who...

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Mccarthy Adds Screenwriter To Her Resume

28th December 2004

Model-turned-actress JENNY McCARTHY has written a new movie which she'll premiere at the upcoming SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Utah. The PLAYBOY pin-up penned her own script because she was unimpressed by the comedy films she was...

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Campbell Relishes Choice

30th November 2004

NEVE CAMPBELL considers herself lucky her early acting work proved so successful - because it's given her the freedom to choose what roles she wants. After starting out in TV hit PARTY OF FIVE,...

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Gellar Considers Grudge Re-match

14th October 2004

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR's latest movie THE GRUDGE hasn't even been released yet but the actress is already keen to make a follow-up. The horror film is an English language remake of the Japanese film...

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Arquette Finally Tones Down His Style

5th October 2004

Hollywood actor DAVID ARQUETTE has decided to finally tone down his outlandish style, after receiving a number of complaints from his agent. Arquette, husband of SCREAM co-star COURTENEY COX, has long been noted for...

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Spears' Halloween Honeymoon

27th September 2004

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS has an unusual method of avoiding the paparazzi during her honeymoon - she disguises herself as the masked killer from horror film SCREAM. The TOXIC star and her husband KEVIN...

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Sopranos Star's Sex Romp With Campbell

10th September 2004

THE SOPRANOS star DOMINIC CHIANESE's new wife had an awkward start to married life - she had to watch her new husband bed NEVE CAMPBELL. The 73-year-old actor, who plays UNCLE JUNIOR in the...

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Mortimer: I'm Low Maintenance

9th September 2004

British actress EMILY MORTIMER takes a "low maintenance" approach to her appearance - including using dry shampoo. The SCREAM 3 star shuns expensive beauty treatments and plastic surgery, preferring to adopt easy-to-manage techniques when...

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Campbell Learns The Queen's English

8th September 2004

Canadian actress NEVE CAMPBELL feared she would never be able to master an upper-class English accent for her role as QUEEN ELIZABETH II in new movie CHURCHILL: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS. The SCREAM actress was...

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Arquette Uses G-unit To Feel Tough

15th July 2004

Actor DAVID ARQUETTE has become an unlikely fan of 50 CENT's rap collective G-UNIT - because their music makes him feel tough. Arquette, who recently became a first-time parent with SCREAM co-star...

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Courteney Cox Names Daughter Coco

15th June 2004

LATEST: Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX and her husband DAVID ARQUETTE have named their new baby girl COCO. The SCREAM co-stars became first-time parents yesterday morning (13JUN04) - about a week before Cox's scheduled...

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Courteney Cox: I'm Expecting A Girl

24th May 2004

FRIENDS beauty COURTENEY COX is expecting a girl, she and husband DAVID ARQUETTE have revealed. The Hollywood couple - who have been trying to conceive for a number of years - decided to speak...

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Arquette's Disneyland Dreams

20th May 2004

Quirky actor DAVID ARQUETTE is excitedly preparing for the arrival of his baby - because he desperately wants to take the tot to California theme park DISNEYLAND. Arquette and his SCREAM co-star wife COURTENEY...

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Arquette Gets Wacky Baby Outfit From Ellen

22nd April 2004

Quirky actor DAVID ARQUETTE received a thoughtful gift from ELLEN DeGENERES for his unborn child - a miniature bright green suit to match one of his wacky outfits. Arquette and his SCREAM co-star wife...

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Jackson Plans 'I'm Innocent' Duet With Janet

14th April 2004

JACKSON siblings MICHAEL and JANET are planning to make a public response to the child molestation charges against the superstar - by recording a duet. The THRILLER singer is hoping the single - which...

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Arquette Getting Rid Of Old Motors

4th April 2004

Actor DAVID ARQUETTE will get rid of two of his vehicles in preparation for his first child - because he wants a more environmentally-friendly car. Arquette, whose child with wife and SCREAM co-star COURTENEY...

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Arquette Sees Error In His Wacky Style

2nd April 2004

Quirky actor DAVID ARQUETTE is finally ditching his outlandish style, after realising how much he hates one of his wildest outfits. Arquette, who is expecting his first child with wife and SCREAM co-star COURTENEY...

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Arquette Happy About Fatherhood

28th March 2004

DAVID ARQUETTE ditched his wild partying ways and his penchant for collecting junk when horror guru WES CRAVEN warned him COURTNEY COX would refuse to settle down with him if he didn't change. The...

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Arquette Stars In Sinatra Kidnapping Movie

26th March 2004

Hollywood actor DAVID ARQUETTE is starring in a movie recounting the kidnapping of FRANK SINATRA's son. Arquette, who is expecting his first child with SCREAM co-star wife COURTENEY COX this summer (03), will next...

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Cumming Signs Up For Reefer Madness Adaptation

19th March 2004

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING has signed up to star in a movie adaptation of hit New York musical REEFER MADNESS. The X-MEN star will appear as an anti-marijuana authority figure, alongside STEVEN WEBER's drug...

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Garner Splits With Alias Lover Vartan

17th March 2004

Movie beauty JENNIFER GARNER has split from her lover MICHAEL VARTAN - just months after leaving husband SCOTT FOLEY for him. The couple met on the set of spy drama ALIAS, during Garner's three...

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