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Scouting for Girls (formed 2005) Scouting for Girls is an English pop band consisting of life-long friends Roy Stride (Piano & Vocals), Peter Ellard (Drums & Vocals) and Greg Churchouse (Bass & Vocals).

Formation & Rise to Fame: Roy, Greg and Peter were old friends from Ruislip. Aged 14, Greg bullied Roy into getting an acoustic guitar for Christmas, instead of a Sega Megadrive. Greg and Roy attended their first ever gig together, to see Suede In Watford in 1995. At university, Roy and Greg were briefly in a band named Cape.

With Roy swapping from guitar to piano, Scouting for Girls was born and the band started to put on gigs in a room above a pub in Harrow, London.

The band's name was chosen in reference to the Scouts handbook Scouting for Boys, first published in 1908.

The band has built up a fan base since their formation in 2005, via websites such as MySpace and Pulse Rated, for unsigned bands.

In February 2007, the band signed to Epic UK (part of Sony BMG), after the head of the label was invited to one of the band's rehearsals. Their debut EP, It's Not About You, became the highest charting limited edition EP in UK chart history.

Chart Success: Scouting for Girls' first major single release, 'She's So Lovely', stayed in the UK Top 10 singles chart for six weeks after its release in August 2007. The follow-up 'Elvis Ain't Dead' was released in December 2007. The song spent four weeks in the Top 10 and both songs have received extensive airplay on mainstream UK radio stations.

The band's eponymous debut album went to the top of the UK album charts and has been certified Platinum, having sold over 500,000 copies.

In April 2008, the band were forced to cancel a string of headline shows, due to Roy falling ill and being unable to sing.

TV Appearances: The band performed on Al Murray's Happy Hour, the ITV1 TV show, in January 2008.

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Picture - Roy Stride and Scouting For... Chelmsford United Kingdom, Sunday 18th August 2013

Roy Stride and Scouting For Girls - V Festival 2013 held at Highlands Park - Performances - Day Two - Chelmsford, United Kingdom - Sunday 18th August 2013

Scouting For Girls - Scouting for Girls and their Greatest Hits (Xperia Access)

Scouting For Girls - The Light Between Us Album Review

Prejudice? In some quarters even mentioning the words 'Scouting' 'For' and 'Girls' in the same breath can result in an immediate and sustained campaign by total strangers to out you as a complete nobber. There are places where copies of the trio's eponymous debut album are regularly burned. It's also said that hipsters, mindful of the permanent damage endorsement by mere association could have on their reputation have been known to cross the street rather than face up to the North London trio in the flesh. Fact or fiction? You decide...

Scouting For Girls - The Light Between Us Album Review

All this misplaced critical scorn for Scouting For Girls' work is, of course, almost inversely proportionate to the amount of records they've sold, popular culture having no taste or conscience and all that. So when the band's third album arrived, as is customary we trotted out the earplugs and then drafted a piece which neatly linked Roy Stride, Roy Wood and Roy Castle together, before decrying their ridiculously named fan club, then deconstructed The Light Between Us as music without an audience. And then someone randomly passing by suggested that we actually played it.

Radical. Free thinking. Innovative. We decided we liked that. So here's the skinny having listened to it. More than once...

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Scouting For Girls:
News Pictures Video Music Press Festival

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