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Scott Speedman (born September 1st 1975) Robert Scott Speedman is a Canadian television and movie actor. The actor is best known for his role in vampire movie 'Underworld'.

Childhood: Speedman was originally born in London, England but moved to Toronto, Ontario when he was 4. His father, Roy Speedman, is a department store buyer and his mother, Mary Campbell, was a Primary School teacher. Scott attended Earl Haig Secondary School where he excelled at swimming and was part of their gifted athlete program. He was also involved in the Canadian Junior National Swim Team. After placing ninth in the 1992 Olympic Trials, he had a significant neck injury which forced him to look elsewhere for a future career. He thus studied to be an actor at York University and the University of Toronto. Scott

Career: Whilst on Toronto's 'Citytv', the actor expressed his desire to audition for the role of Robin in the movie 'Batman Forever'. Although the role was given to Chris O' Donnell, it allowed Scott Speedman to sign with an agent and audition for both TV and film roles in Canada. In 1995, he landed his first TV role in 'Net Worth'. He later moved to New York City where he enrolled at the Neighbourhood Playhouse, but dropped out and returned home. His agent contacted him and asked him to audition for hit show 'Felicity'.

Speedman received much welcomed attention for his role as Ben Covington in the series. In 2000 he starred in the film 'Duets' opposite Gwyneth Paltrow. 2003 saw him play opposite Kurt Russell as a rookie LAPD detective. After this, the star bagged the Golden Wave Award for his work on drama 'My Life Without Me'. Speedman's first major role came with 'Underworld' in which he starred opposite Kate Beckinsale. The star gained more attention and received the Saturn Award in the category 'Cinescape Face of the Future'. He then returned in the vampire-werewolf series in the sequel 'Underworld: Evolution'. In 2008, he starred alongside Liv Tyler in horror 'The Strangers'. In 2009, Speedman appeared with Dustin Hoffman in 'Barney's Version'. In June 2013, he was in HBO's 'Open' alongside Wes Bentley.

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Out of the Dark Review


An unusual setting gives this low-key horror some added interest, stirring a whiff of issue-based drama into the otherwise under-developed plot. It's also photographed with considerable skill, generating its scary moments with careful filmmaking rather than cheap gimmicks, although there isn't a moment that doesn't feel familiar. Yes, Spanish director Lluis Quilez never saw a scary-movie cliche that he didn't like.

It's set in rural Colombia, where Sarah and Paul (Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman) have just arrived in Santa Clara, on the edge of the jungle, with their young daughter Hannah (Pixie Davies). Sarah has a new job at the paper factory owned by her father (Stephen Rea), while Paul works from home as an illustrator. And as they settle into their gorgeous new house in a lush neighbourhood, the community is preparing for its annual Saint Children Festival, commemorating a tragic event from the conquistador era. But it's something much more recent that seems to have sparked a malevolent force in the town, as everyone catches glimpses of swarms of face-covered children emerging from the rainforest. And it seems to be Hannah that they want.

Quilez indulges in all the usual atmospherics, including sudden thunderstorms and power cuts, a sinister dumbwaiter and even a ball bouncing ominously down the stairs. Even so, he resists ramping up the horror too much, making the film feel more like a mystery as Sarah and Paul investigate the strange goings on, learning dark secrets about the town's past. When someone mentions the "old paper mill" it's clearly going to feature later on. And this gives the movie an intriguing sense that perhaps not everything that's happening is supernatural. That said, the plot is so thin that it barely exists, held together by a hint of subtext and the grounded performances.

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The Captive Trailer

Matthew is a typical loving father who takes a day trip with his young daughter Cassandra in his truck, stopping off at a roadside diner along the way to pick up pie for lunch. He's only gone a few minutes but by the time he returns to his vehicle he discovers that Cass is gone. She's nowhere to be found, and to make matters worse, when he reports her disappearance as an abduction to the police he is the first suspect in the case. The incident puts a deep strain on his marriage to her mother Tina, who doesn't know whether to blame him for letting her out of his sight or suspect his involvement herself. Some years later, they are still searching, but when detectives Nicole and Jeffrey find new leads, Matthew becomes determined to find out exactly where his daughter is being held.

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MAXIM Hot 100 Celebration Event

Scott Speedman - MAXIM Hot 100 Celebration Event - West Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 10th June 2014

Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman

A Week In Movies: 12 Years a Slave leads the pack, Depp is on set in L.A., plus peeks at Godzilla, romances, comedies and lemurs

Chiwetel Ejiofor Steve McQueen Johnny Depp Aaron Johnson Elizabeth Olsen Bryan Cranston Evan Rachel Wood Scott Speedman Peter McDonald Morgan Freeman

12 Years a Slave

The big news this week is the further escalation of awards-season fever. Steve McQueen's drama 12 Years a Slave continues to lead the field as the British Academy Film Awards announced its Bafta nominations this week - just as the movie opens in the UK. Chiwetel Ejiofor is now the odds-on favourite for both Bafta and Oscar best actor awards. Read our 12 Years a Slave Movie Review here or find out more about the film's star Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp's new film Mortdecai finished shooting in London and moved to Los Angeles, where he was snapped on set surrounded by actresses in bikinis. The action comedy follows Depp's title character on a quest for stolen art and Nazi gold. Costars Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor and Paul Bettany, have been joined in California by Aubrey Plaza, Oliver Platt and Jeff Goldblum. Take a look at our 'behind the scenes' photos of Johnny Depp filming Mortdecai.

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'Barefoot' Sees Evan Rachel Wood, Scott Speedman Embark On Free-Spirited Romance [Trailer]

Evan Rachel Wood Scott Speedman J.K Simmons

You'd think we'd be sick of sweet and smoochy rom-coms by now but it seems that our appetite for an original and entertaining love story hasn't completely been sated. Cue Barefoot, a brand new comedy starring Evan Rachel Wood, Scott Speedman and J.K. Simmons, that's sure to have you headed to the movies come the month of love: February.

Barefoot Movie
Evan Rachel Wood & Scott Speedman Star In Exciting New Rom-Com, 'Barefoot.'

The sweet and poignant movie stars Speedman as Jay, the 'black sheep' of a very wealthy family who fritters away his money on the dogs, sleeps around, drinks away the nights in seedy bars, and often gets involved in fights. He meets Daisy (Wood), a mentally unstable but well-intentioned psychiatric patient who has lived a sheltered life without sampling any of the world's pleasures.

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Barefoot Trailer

Jay's lived a less than honest life, sleeping around with women he could never care about, fritting away money he doesn't have in casinos and at races and drinking away his problems every night at seedy bars. However, when he meets Daisy, a mentally unstable but harmless young girl who has lived virtually her whole life indoors sheltered from the harms the real world can bring, his life begins to change and he endeavours to take her along to his wealthy parents' house on the weekend of his brother's wedding to prove to them that he can change his ways. Having never tasted a drop of alcohol in her life, kissed a boy, gone to school or owned a pair of shoes, Daisy also sees her life turn into an adventure as she seemingly becomes the only one who can change this man's stony heart and force him to love her.

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Scott Speedman Joins 'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy's New Sexuality Drama 'Open'

Scott Speedman Wes Bentley Glee Dante DiLoreto

Actor Scott Speedman is to join the cast of Glee creator Ryan Murphy's new HBO drama Open. HBO have confirmed the actor will join the forthcoming drama which deals with sexuality and identity, according to sources speaking to The Hollywood Reporter.

The drama will explore issues surround sexuality and sexual identity, themes touched upon in Glee. Speedman is to play Jonathon a sports agent alongside Wes Bentley. Bentley's role is that of Evan Foster a character who is more than comfortable dictating his theories of sexuality.

Speedman has starred in such films as Underworld and The Strangers. Bentley has appeared in The Hunger Games and Jonah Hex

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The Moth Diaries Review


There's a terrific sense of menace in this gothic dramatic thriller, which plays on the story's fantasy elements to take us into a teen girl's troubled imagination. It's beautifully shot too, with blood-soaked echoes of Carrie and The Shining in the way the unsettling nastiness is underscored with emotion. Even so, the whole moth motif never really makes much sense, other than as a clumsy metaphor for adolescence.

The events take place in a creepy, isolated girls' school, where 16-year-old Rebecca (Bolger) creates a happy subculture with her best pal Lucy (Gadon) and their party-loving friends. They merrily subvert the rules, keeping the headmistress (Parfitt) on her toes. And the hot new literature teacher Mr Davies (Speedman) gets their pulses racing. Then a new student arrives: Ernessa (Cole) is a loner who reaches out to Lucy for friendship, which upsets Rebecca because she feels like Ernessa is actually preying on her friend. So she sets out to investigate Ernessa's mysterious past, and finds it difficult to tell the difference between reality and her wild imagination.

On the surface, this is a supernatural horror film with ghostly freak-outs, monster-movie grisliness and a rising body count. But is all of this happening in Rebecca's mind? Filmmaker Harron cleverly keeps us off-balance in this sense, letting us see Rebecca's harrowing nightmares and layering her suspicions with the lesbian vampire novel the girls are studying in Mr Davies' class. Stir in hints of teen girl issues like eating disorders, petty jealousies and inappropriate male advances.

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Michael Sucsy birthday party

Scott Speedman and Camille De Pazzis - Michael Sucsy birthday party - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 21st February 2013

Michael Sucsy, Scott Speedman and Camille De Pazzis
Scott Speedman and Camille De Pazzis
Scott Speedman, Michael Sucsy and Camille De Pazzis
Michael Sucsy and Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman, Marc Silverstein and Busy Philipps

2012 TCA Summer Press Tour - Disney ABC Television Group Party held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

Scott Speedman Friday 27th July 2012 2012 TCA Summer Press Tour - Disney ABC Television Group Party held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman

The Vow Review

Inspired by a true story, this film is watchable mainly because of the extraordinary events, which are genuinely involving and moving. Although typically, Hollywood has ramped up the emotions while avoiding subtlety at all costs.

Goofy recording engineer Leo (Tatum) and adorable artist Paige (McAdams) had a cute romance, quirky wedding and four happy years together before a car crash changed everything. Leo only has minor injuries, but Paige has lost some five years of memories. Crucially, she has no idea who Leo is. And she doesn't remember turning her back on her law course, smirking fiance (Speedman) and wealthy parents (Lange and Neill). They're all she remembers now, so Leo tries to remind her of who she became after she left them behind. If they'll let him.

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The Vow Trailer

Paige and Leo are a happily married couple and have been for five years. One night, they are driving home when Meat Loaf's I Will Do Anything For Love comes on the radio. Leo sings along, to Paige's amusement and as they stop their car to kiss, an oncoming truck crashes into the back of them. The resulting accident puts Paige in a coma for several months and when she wakes up, she can't remember her husband at all.

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Barney's Version Review

Based on the novel by Mordecai Richler, this film traces some 35 years in the life of its central character. More observational than plot-driven, its real strengths lie in performances that vividly draw out everyday emotions.

Barney Panofsky (Giamatti) has had an event-filled life that not many people quite understand. His first marriage to Clara (Lefevre) in 1970s Rome was short, but his second back home in Montreal (to Driver) was even briefer, as he met wife No 3, Miriam (Pike), at the reception. His later years are haunted by a detective (Addy) who's determined to prove that Barney killed his best friend (Speedman) back in the 80s. And then there's his feisty dad (Dustin Hoffman), smart kids (Jake Hoffman and Hopkins) and a too-friendly neighbour (Greenwood).

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