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'Fallout 4' Video Game Launch Party - Arrivals

Scott Porter - 'Fallout 4' Video Game Launch Party - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 5th November 2015

Scott Porter

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Jupiter Ascending"

Scott Porter and Kelsey Mayfield - A variety of stars were out in number to attend the Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Jupiter Ascending" which was held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Scott Porter and Kelsey Mayfield
Scott Porter and Kelsey Mayfield
Scott Porter and Kelsey Mayfield
Scott Porter and Kelsey Mayfield
Scott Porter
Scott Porter

'Godzilla' Premiere At Dolby Theatre - Arrivals

Scott Porter - 'Godzilla' Premiere at Dolby Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 9th May 2014

Scott Porter


Scott Porter - ***Special Live Performance by Nelly and Friends*** - New York, New York, United States - Saturday 1st February 2014

Scott Porter
Scott Porter

Xbox One Official Launch Celebration - Arrivals

Scott Porter - Xbox One official launch celebration held at Milk Studios - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 21st November 2013

Scott Porter

The To Do List Review


Even as this comedy strains to be goofy and transgressive, it catches us by surprise simply because it dares to explore first-time sexual experiences through female eyes. And Aubrey Plaza (Safety Not Guaranteed) brings her usual sardonic wit to the lead role, merrily offending the more timid moviegoers while making more adventurous fans wish the film went even further.

Plaza plays Brandy, who graduated at the top of her Boise high school class. But with that goal achieved, she wonders if she neglected to prepare properly for university social life, so she makes a summer to-do list of sex-related tasks leading, hopefully, to losing her virginity to the hunky guitar-strumming lifeguard Rusty (Porter). She works with him at the local swimming pool along with her nice-guy best pal Cameron (Simmons), who's of course secretly in love with her. But as Brandy works through the list with the help of her friends (Shawkat and Steele) and her experienced big sister (Bilson), she starts to worry that her emotions are getting in the way.

Thankfully, writer-director Carey refuses to let this turn into a romantic slush-fest, keeping the encounters jagged and often very funny. The script is packed with hilariously squirm-inducing conversations about sex, many involving Brandy's far too helpful mother (Britton). Although her dad (Gregg) and her loser boss (Hader) understandably don't want to know. Meanwhile, when the local guys (Glover and Mintz-Plasse) find out about Brandy's list, they are sure to tick off a few items themselves, as does a visiting rock star (Samberg).

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CBS Films Release Trailer For Summer Comedy 'The To-Do List' [Trailer]

Aubrey Plaza Rachel Bilson Scott Porter Bill Hader Alia Shawkat Christopher Mintz-Plasse

The To-Do-List stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreations), Rachel Bilson (The O.C.), Bill Hader (Men in Black III), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Pitch-Perfect), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Andy Samburg (Hotel Transylvania) and Scott Porter (Music and Lyrics).

Porter and Bilson have previously worked together on TV series Hart of Dixie. They are typical examples of the sort of actors who will be appearing in this wholesome American comedy. Many have experience in comedy, Mintz-Plasse, Samburg and Hader have all frequently appeared on Saturday Night Live

Written and directed by Maggie Carey, The To-Do List will be her first feature film as she has previously only produced shorts and documentaries.

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The To Do List - Green Band Trailer

Brandy Clark is a smart, high-achieving though particularly naive high-school graduate whose finding the prospect of a new life at college daunting. Tired of being relentlessly teased for her sexual inexperience, she compiles a list of bedroom adventures she would like to have before beginning her first year as a freshman. However, trying to catch-up with her friends becomes a shame-filled rollercoaster as she attempts to seduce handsome, floppy-haired lifeguard Rusty Waters who she met at her first college party. She manages to lose her head, as well as her top, as she discovers that there's more to having trysts with guys than just getting physical as the much more confusing emotional side comes into it. The question is, will she survive her first year at college, or will this new world of passion and parties drive this straight-laced girl crazy?

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The To Do List Trailer

Brandy Clark is an ordinary high school senior who finds herself suffocated under the pressures of pre-college life. As a sexually curious virgin, she is determined to explore the world of bedroom pleasures before starting her first year at college. From the most bizarre to the most unpleasant and unimaginable, she is resolute that she will experience every sexual adventure she's ever heard of and makes a long, colorful list of everything she hopes to err. 'achieve' in the short time she has left as a senior. Locating willing participants doesn't prove too difficult with many members of the opposite sex on a similar quest to her, and her new found promiscuity proves a lot for her anxious parents to handle.

This hilarious new romantic comedy is not like regular Valentine's Day flicks; it's frank and explicit with no room for censorship, just like a normal pre-college teenager. 'The To Do List' has been written and directed by Maggie Carey in her first feature length movie and its set to be released bang on time on February 14th 2013. Prepare to cover your ears and eyes as you venture into that world you thought (and hoped) you'd long forgotten. 

Starring: Connie Britton, Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Alia Shawkat, Clark Gregg, Johnny Simmons, Bill Hader, Scott Porter, Nolan Gould, Donald Glover, Adam Pally, Sarah Steele & Lauren Lapkus.

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Dear John Trailer

John Tyree is a member of the US Army. Whilst on leave he meets a young woman called Savannah Lynn Curtis, the two fall in love almost instantly. The two spend all their time together before Jon is called back to the Army for a tour of service. The couple remain an item despite the lack of contact, both find themselves becoming dependent on their letters to one and other. 7 years down the line as their situations change Savannah finds herself engaged to another man. Now utterly depressed by the news John rushes into a dangerous situation and gets seriously injured. Eventually John is made to leave the army, he must get his real life back on track. How their separation will affect his life is a true testament to his will.

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Bandslam Review

With its squeaky-clean characters and simplistic plotting, this film is clearly targeting the High School Musical audience. It even has the same lead actress.

And it's just bright and sunny enough to work.Will (Connell) is a nerdy music obsessive who is thrilled when his mother (Kudrow) announces that they're moving from Cincinnati to New Jersey. He plans to reinvent himself at his new high school, and quickly gets caught up in the upcoming BandSlam competition, helping hot girl Charlotte (Michalka) turn her talented but scruffy bandmates (Saxton and Jo) into a first-rate band with the addition of a few more members (including Donowho, Yost and Chung). Meanwhile, Will is falling for his moody study partner Sa5m (Hudgens). The 5 is silent.The formula dictates the plot, as we know things will fall apart before they come together in the end. And where this film surprises us is in the way it approaches teen life with a blast of intelligence. The characters are recognisably complex, with some pretty serious issues in their lives and relationships that feel relatively organic and real. And the conflicts feel vaguely authentic as well, even though we know the smiles will be back before too long.

These teens are all overachievers with a lot of talent, and it's clear that the same can be said about the cast, although the rampant overacting may grate on older audience members. It's mainly Michalka's show; Charlotte is by far the most interesting, magnetic character. But everyone else gets a chance to cut loose as well, including Porter as Charlotte's cool-kid ex. Meanwhile, Kudrow adds class, and some fine comic timing, to the whole thing.Of course, this is a Disneyfied fantasy version of high school, where everyone is virginal and straight, and even the geeks are cute. And this blanding-down makes the whole thing feel less like a proper film than a pilot for a TV series that combines harmless adolescence with an introduction to rock history. But the music is terrific, and director-cowriter Graff resists the temptation to indulge in the usual hackneyed moralising. He also stirs in some terrific moments along the way that subvert the genre just a little bit.

Prom Night Review

Many prom nights are filled with over-the-top spectacle, excitement and an air of anxious mystery. Director Nelson McCormick's Prom Night is not. Its story of teens being stalked by a crazy ex-teacher is a miscolored paint-by-numbers movie that lacks suspense, thrills or any semblance of horror. How could you botch the classic setup of a crazy man obsessed with a young woman, predictably the only girl left alive in the end (the Final Girl for the horror buffs)? It's easy, just don't care.

Even if McCormick would have done a verbatim, shot-for-shot remake of the sub-par 1980 film of the same name (cough, Haneke), this Prom Night remake would have a stood more of a chance. Instead, McCormick tries to drum up scares through loud noises associated with mirrors, plastic tarps, and lamp shades, making inanimate objects more terrifying than the killer. The movie is driven by these red herring scares and any gore from the murders, which seems to be the only horror that excites these days, is done off-screen. That's not to say that buckets of blood would have saved this movie, but the one time that you actually sit up and take notice is when blood is splattered against a plastic construction tarp -- the only 30-second shot McCormick might have been awake while directing.

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Music and Lyrics Trailer

Music and Lyrics

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