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What Maisie Knew Trailer

Maisie is a 6-year-old girl whose parents are the veteran rock star Susanna and the art dealer Beale. As high profile as they are, Maisie is hardly living the high life as her selfish and ignorant folks never seem to have time to think about being parents and when their rocky relationship ends in a fiery divorce, she is used merely as a weapon in court as the bitter custody battle gets underway. Being passed from mother to father and vice versa hardly has the effect of making each parent want to spend more time with her to make up for their time apart as Susanna is often busy on tour and Beale takes many long work trips away. As a result, their respective new spouses Lincoln and Margo (also her ex-Nanny) are forced to take on the responsibility of caring for Maisie together and the young girl finds herself becoming happier by the day.

This is a heart-warming movie challenges the idea of child custody and is viewed through the eyes of an innocent girl who tries to construct a new family after her own is bitterly torn apart. Based on the novel of the same name by Henry James, this adaptation of 'What Maisie Knew' has been directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel ('Suture', 'Uncertainty', 'Bee Season') and written by Carroll Cartwright ('Dungeons & Dragons', 'Where the Money Is') and Nancy Doyne in her feature film debut. 


Lush Review

Never mind the spooky box cover image and creepy tagline, Lush is hardly the gothic melodrama its promotion tries to sell. And that's probably for the better, because as a dark thriller this movie isn't going to win many fans.

The story follows a washed-up golfer (Campbell Scott), fresh out of prison, who returns to his home town of New Orleans to get a fresh start. Soon enough he's wrapped up with a wealthy-yet-drunk lawyer (Jared Harris), who takes him from one socialite party to the next. But then the lawyer turns up missing, and most people suspect our ex-con hero has done away with him.

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Suture Review

The sleeper of the early 1990s, Suture is one of those stylish thrillers that you never forget. Shot in black and white, it tells the relatively simple story of a pair of long-lost brothers, one of whom tries to kill the other in order to escape his past and steal the brother's identity. Everyone comments on how alike they look -- the conceit being that the two actors are as opposite in appearance as possible -- one is black and largish (Haysbert), one is white and thin. Stunning photography and a very clever script make Suture the best movie you've never seen. Highly recommended.

The Deep End Review

Welcome to beautiful Lake Tahoe, where a boy can still get his mom to cover up a murder and be home in time for supper.

A heavy drama, The Deep End is just such a tale. When teenaged Beau (Jonathan Tucker) gets mixed up with a seedy, older man (he's secretly gay), their relationship gets a bit too intense and the lech ends up dead. Imagine her surprise when mom Margaret (Tilda Swinton) stumbles upon a corpse on her idyllic beach! Of course, she does what any mother of an aspiring musical virtuoso would do -- sinks the body in the lake, hides the guy's car, and pretends nothing has happened.

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