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i was engaged to scott baio in 2001 and we were married june 8 2003 i have two children from a previous relationship i got to know him while he was staying at his aunts trailer in mn my foster sister lived across the street from her i went their to babysit for he while she worked at night he was then 13 we lived in mendotaheights trailer court we would run around the trailercourts playing with the other boys there were other times i would run into him while walking to the store with a friend from school and he would jump in and walk with us and while going to our catholic school st angnes they came and we got to help out with some of the sounds in the back ground on happy days we also help make some of the pies or things for the show that was fun i knew more what was going on then my friend most of the time like one episode when fonze got his diploma we were on stage with a sign i think i said sit on it and i got the one that said on and the girl next to me had it and she want to move cause she didnt want the world it sign of couse she was fat and stupid one her name was bridget so i was nice and move they came in and saw that i have changed some left and some laughed that was fun too and when we were have our lunch in a new place that they the school just opened a lunch room and they were talking like over a loud speaker and my friend sandy and still friend were talking she was making a funny face and i said what do you here something she said yea and then they said tell i said oh thats laughing there laughing at you she was some made she was speachless i still don't know if she was still mad julie baio
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Posted 8 years 6 months ago by julie baio

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