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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Official Trailer

What happens when two superheroes with vastly differing opinions come head to head? Well, not very well if Lex Luthor has anything to do with it. Superman believes Batman is a vigilante and the civil liberties of the people of Gotham are 'being trampled on' whilst Batman feels Superman's abilities are blown out of proportion by the media and is far from a fan of his superhero outfit.

Lex Luthor has enough power to manipulate this situation to his benefit and pitches both heroes against one another - Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham however, when his plan doesn't go exactly to plan he creates a monster to destroy both men - on the verge of destruction, Batman and Superman are joined by Wonder Woman, Aquaman and other superheroes on their quest to save their city from destruction.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder and it's a precursor to The Justice League films - which are also written and directed by Snyder.

Sandra Bullock Reveals How George Clooney Once Acted As Her Wingman

Sandra Bullock George Clooney Ryan Reynolds Matthew Mcconaughey Billy Bob Thornton Anthony Mackie Scoot McNairy Zoe Kazan Jesse James

Sandra Bullock has revealed how George Clooney once acted as cupid and helped her find a boyfriend. On Monday (26th October), Bullock appeared at the L.A. premiere of her new film, Our Brand Is Crisis, when she detailed how Clooney once helped with her love life.

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock at the L.A. premiere of Our Brand Is Crisis, October 2015.

Read More: Sandra Bullock: I Wanted Our Brand Is Crisis Director David Gordon Green On Board For 'Selfish Reasons'.

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Our Brand Is Crisis Trailer

Jane 'Calamity' Bodine makes the brave move to come out of retirement as a top political consultant, despite having been responsible for one of the most catastrophic campaigns in history. It's time to put the past behind her and learn from her mistakes, by tackling her latest cause; a presidential candidate in Bolivia is desperate to win the 2002 election, but currently remains unpopular with the people of the country who are suffering in the delicate political and economic state. It's Bodine's job, along with the rest of an American strategist team, to help boost his numbers, but unfortunately for her the opposition has selected an all too familiar team to help them led by Bodine's long-time rival Pat Candy. Determined to finally beat him in the political stakes, she has her team spy on the other candidate's campaign and exploits the struggles of the people to give her client an emotional advantage. However, Bodine's soon made to realise that her attitude towards the job is seriously affecting her compassion for the people who are genuinely suffering, and she can't stay detached for long.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Comic Con Trailer

Clark Kent is a reporter for the Daily Planet in his everyday life, but a much hated alien powerhouse beneath the earthly guise. As Superman he has the power to destroy the world and, even though he would never dream of it, the world wants him gone. Even his efforts to become the ultimate hero go unappreciated, in particular by his Gotham rival Bruce Wayne; a billionaire vigilante known as Batman by night. He believes Superman is to blame for all the horror the Earth has been faced with, and vows to take him despite his limited abilities. It isn't long before the two are forced to unite, however, in order to protect the citizens of Earth from a real threat that could prove to thrust the planet into oblivion.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Teaser Trailer

When an alien lifeform crashed to Earth decades ago, no one noticed. When his own kind came after him, the fate of the world was threatened. When he saved mankind, they looked up to him like a God. But times have changed, and people have died since his arrival. The world has had enough of the "false God" Superman (Henry Cavill), but there is already another hero in the world. In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) has spent years and billions of dollars making himself into the greatest detective and the finest crime fighter. But the Batman knows that one does not simply arrive to a thunderous applause. He has earned his role as judge and jury, and it is up to him to stop the Man of Steal. 

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Aquaman, The 'Wettest' Of The Justice League? Not If Jason Momoa Can Help It!

Jason Momoa Zack Snyder Henry Cavill Gal Gadot Ben Affleck Jesse Eisenberg Ray Fisher Scoot McNairy

Fans were given a first look at the forthcoming film incarnation of Aquaman, with director Zack Snyder reveals just how menacing Jason Momoa will be as the sea-dwelling DC Comics superhero as 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' gets well under way.

Jason Momoa at 2011 Emmy Awards
Jason Momoa is Aquaman

It's all about DC at the moment with Henry Cavill's Superman having become a huge hit in 2013's 'Man Of Steel' and 'Fast And Furious' star Gal Gadot being announced as Wonder Woman in Michelle MacLaren's upcoming movie. Zack Snyder is bringing them all together in a long-awaited DC superhero crossover movie entitled 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice', and 'Game Of Thrones' star Jason Momoa is just the latest announcement for the cast - as fish-friendly King of Atlantis, Aquaman.

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Black Sea - Trailer And Clips

With jobs for submarine operators steadily beginning to dwindle, an entire sea crew find themselves without jobs. Captain Robinson (Jude Law) has been so committed to the job for so long, that the rest of the world has moved on without him. With his family gone, Robison is turned on to the reports of a Nazi U-boat abandoned at the bottom of the Black Sea. After assembling a crew of half British and half Russian sailors, they set of in search of the gold stash - a stash which will be shared equally amongst them, making them all multi-millionaires. But when the idea starts to circulate that fewer men mean larger shares, the bleak isolation leads to horror and greed, with no possibility of escape.

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Black Sea Review


While this submarine adventure starts out as a brainy thriller with superior production design, it eventually gives in to the demands of the genre: silly plotting and corny melodrama. Screenwriter Dennis Kelly never remotely tries to sell the two big events that cause considerable mayhem for everyone on-screen, so both feel sudden and contrived. At least the cast is sharp enough that the audience is willing to go with it.

It opens in recession-gripped Scotland. After being sacked from the steelworks, Robinson (Jude Law) teams up with fellow unemployed pal Blackie (Konstantin Khabenskiy) to reclaim their dignity by salvaging Nazi gold from a sunken sub in the Black Sea. With finance arranged by Daniels (Scoot McNairy), they assemble a team of Brits and Russians who immediately start re-enacting the Cold War in the rusty Soviet-vintage submarine they'll be using for their heist. Crewmates include a psycho diver (Ben Mendelsohn), a wheezy veteran (David Threlfall) and an 18-year-old (Bobby Schofield) with nothing better to do. But as they skulk along beneath the Russian Fleet, tempers flare and threaten to undermine their mission. Getting their hands on the gold is one thing; making it home alive might be even trickier.

Director Kevin Macdonald keeps the film fast-paced and tense, as the biggest peril this crew faces is in the fiery interaction between themselves. Arguments, paranoia and mistrust lead to violence, which in turn causes a series of problems that threaten the lives of everyone on board the submarine. Frankly, this seems rather far-fetched for a team of supposedly elite mercenaries who know that they need to look out for each other if they have any hope of accomplishing the mission. And with some major plot twists along the way, the story begins to feel like a collection of increasingly implausible obstacles these resourceful men need to overcome.

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Scoot McNairy As The Flash? Green Socks Could Be 'Batman V Superman' Plot Clue

Scoot McNairy Ben Affleck Henry Cavill Gal Gadot Zack Snyder Jason Momoa Grant Gustin Jesse Eisenberg Jeremy Irons Amy Adams

With Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman all making solid appearances in 2016's 'Batman v Superman' movie, we can't help but wonder who else will be joining the Justice League. Right now, our bets are on Scoot McNairy as The Flash.

Scoot McNairy at 'Non-Stpo' premiere
Scoot McNairy to play The Flash?

The casting announcements for Zack Snyder's 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' have been both thoroughly exciting and extremely surprising. Of course, we knew Henry Cavill would return as the Man of Steel, we spent hours pondering who could play Wonder Woman before Gal Gadot was chosen and we were pleased on the announcement of Ben Affleck taking over Christian Bale as the Dark Knight. Rumours are still circulating that Jason Momoa might be joining the team as Aquaman, but the thing we're most excited for at the moment are recent whispers of Scoot McNairy taking on The Flash.

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The Rover Review


While this atmospheric Australian Outback thriller has plenty of edgy action, it's also meandering and arty, refusing to fill in the details until filmmaker David Michod is good and ready. This makes it feel rather slow and uneven, although it's at least consistently fascinating. And as a story of tenacity and survival, it's also a gripping drama.

The story is set 10 years after "the collapse", so there's little sense of law and order in the Outback. When his car is stolen by three outlaws (Scoot McNairy, Tawanda Manyimo and David Field), the strong-silent Eric (Guy Pearce) goes in pursuit. Along the way, he picks up the injured Rey (Robert Pattinson), brother of one of the thugs, who knows where they're headed. As they hit the road, Eric and Rey have a series of encounters with people who are alternatively helpful and menacing, from an inquisitive brothel madam (Gillian Jones) to a nervous doctor (Susan Prior) to an in-over-his-head soldier (Anthony Hayes). There are also plenty of marauding thieves and trigger-happy commandoes who don't hesitate before blowing away anyone who looks odd. But as Eric and Rey begin to bond, they still find it impossible to trust each other.

While the overarching plot is fairly simple, the film plays out in a series of set-pieces as Eric responds a variety of tense situations. The big question hovering above everything is of course why he's so determined to get his car back (the odd answer comes at the very end). Michod's style of filmmaking is more interested in provoking thought than fully satisfying the audience, so scenes are packed with inconclusive twists and turns, vaguely undefined characters and situations, and elements that clearly have some sort of meaning but feel rather impenetrable. Pearce's performance fits this style perfectly; Eric is a man who says very little, letting a steely glare convey more than any number of words would. In jarring contrast, Pattinson's Rey is a hyperactive mess, a simple-minded guy who never stops moving and talking.

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Guests Attend The 2013 IFTA Awards At The Convention Centre

Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able - Guests attend the 2013 IFTA Awards at The Convention Centre Dublin Ireland Saturday 9th February 2013

Scoot Mcnairy and Whitney Able

New York Premiere Of 'Killing Them Softly' At The SVA Theate - Outside Arrivals

Scoot McNairy Monday 26th November 2012 New York Premiere of 'Killing Them Softly' at the SVA Theate - Outside Arrivals

Scoot Mcnairy

Virgin America Presents 'Third Annual Sunset Strip Music Fetival Official Party' At Andaz West Hollywood Hotel - Arrivals

Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy, Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy Friday 27th August 2010 Virgin America presents 'Third Annual Sunset Strip Music Fetival Official Party' at Andaz West Hollywood Hotel - Arrivals West Hollywood, California

Whitney Able And Scoot Mcnairy, Whitney Able and Scoot Mcnairy
Whitney Able
Amber Lancaster and Whitney Able
Whitney Able

The 1st Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles Premiere Of 'In Search Of A Midnight Kiss'

Scoot McNairy - Scoot Mcnairy and Brett Roberts Los Angeles, California - The 1st Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles Premiere of 'In Search Of A Midnight Kiss' Wednesday 13th August 2008

Scoot Mcnairy

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