With this generation facing an obesity crisis, it's no wonder that the market for weight loss programs has skyrocketed in the last ten years. But with that comes fad diets and unsustainable quick-fixes, as well as work-out scams. Now it's revealed that one of UK TV's best loved youngsters Scarlett Moffat is possibly part of that.

The 27-year-old 'Gogglebox' star and winner of 'I'm A Celebrity...' is adored for her down-to-earth and honest personality, so when she released her exercise DVD 'Scarlett's SuperSlim Me Plan', fans flocked to purchase it and shed their excess weight just as she had done.

The problem is, it seems Scarlett did a lot more than just the work-out scheme on the DVD to drop over three stone and go from a size 18 to a size 8. According to The Sun, she was on a strict diet of 700 calories a day and went through a tough Swiss boot camp. Needless to say, she started piling the weight back on once she reached her goal weight, and apparently owes producers £100,000 for breaching her contract.

'The DVD is a sham really', a source told The Sun. 'There is no mention of the boot camp where she was climbing mountains and exercising for six hours a day... The DVD gave fans an unrealistic portrayal of how she lost weight. She was really struggling and finding it hard to cope. She was on a starvation diet, exercising way too hard and not eating enough. She was being pushed to breaking point.'

Scarlett allegedly texted friends opening up about how hard it was to cope with the pressure of losing weight, and having to essentially lie to people about how she lost her weight. Not that she was entirely to blame; it was in her contract that she had to drop the pounds within five months, leading to a 'fitness' regime that was in actual fact 'risking her health'.

Given that she was realistically unable to exercise for five hours a day to maintain her figure, the fact that she couldn't keep the weight off for at least a year is hardly a surprise. But that allegedly means she has to pay back the £100,000 she earned from the best-selling DVD for breaching her contract.

'It's usually standard for any fitness DVD to have a clause to say the celebrity who made it must keep their weight to a certain level for a year after its release', a source explained. 'The people who made Scarlett's DVD got in touch just before the contract was about to expire saying they wanted their money back as they had seen photographs of Scarlett looking fat.

'It's really upset Scarlett because she went through such a lot for the DVD. The exercise regime, the diet and the boot camp were horrible for Scarlett.'

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