Scarlett Johansson is reportedly dating a new man, Nate Naylor and People magazine have given readers the low-down on her new hunk, he is not a household name, unlike some of Johansson's previous partners. Naylor is her first significant partnership since her divorce from Ryan Reynolds was finalised in July 2011.

According to People, Nate Naylor, who 'looks like Morrissey in his prime' according to one of his friends, has a keen eye for controversial modern art. They direct readers to his Tumblr account, which he calls 'Up In Guts.' He works in marketing and uses the Tumblr page to post artistic pictures of naked women, animal skeletons and grizzly bears. His career has seen him work in Amsterdam, San Diego, San Francisco and Boston and he's worked for a number of high profile companies such as MTV, Disney and Taco Bell. Johansson rarely discusses her private life with the press but earlier this month, Scarlett and Nate were spotted out together at the New York nightclub Sway and they've also been spotted out for dinner in the city. Aside from these sightings, though, the couple have kept their relationship fairly low-key.

This year, Scarlett Johansson is due to feature in the modern screen adaptation of the Avengers. She will play the role of Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, alongside Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and SAMUEL L JACKSON.