Scarlett Johansson is debating a move into politics.

The 28-year-old actress - who was a vocal supporter of Barack Obama during his US presidential re-election campaign - has refused to rule out an expanded role.

Speaking in the October issue of Hawkins Bazaar magazine, she said: ''Do I imagine myself having a full-on political career? That seems like a stretch. But who knows?

''I don't limit the possibilities. If I have more time, I may be able to lend a bigger voice to politics. I never close the door on those kinds of things.''

Such a career move wouldn't be a big surprise coming from the 'Avengers' star, whose family taught her the importance of being ''politically active''.

She explained: ''I come from a politically active family. To be an active member of the community, to be a responsible citizen and to engage politically have always been part of my awareness and part of my life.

''More than anything else, I believe that if everyone exercised the right to vote, the right choice would be made by the nation as a whole.''