Despite never appearing on screen, Scarlett Johansson’s vocal only performance in ‘Her’ has grabbed her one of the first acting gongs of the awards season, as she picked up Best Actress at the Rome Film Festival. Matthew Mcconaughey also won for 'Dallas Buyers Club'.

HerJoaquin Phoenix in Her - Scarlett Johansson is there, you just can't see her

But it’s Johansson’s win that has hit the headlines for the nature of her role; she plays a computer program called Samantha. Think of the Apple’s Siri function, then add years and years of technical evolution, then put Blade Runner into the back of your mind, and you’re close to what we see in Spike Jonez’s 'Her'.

The controversy lies in her lack of screen presence in the movie. And that’s not a critical comment; she literally has no screen presence, with her entire role fulfilled aurally – as opposed to visually. Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly, a writer specialising in the penning of heartfelt letters.

But after his own heart is broken following the end of a long-running relationship, he finds solace in Johansson’s Samantha, eventually falling in love with an intangible entity.


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