A celebrity make-up artist was once forced to defend a young Scarlett Johansson from the unwelcome advances of comedian Andy Dick - because the star was just 16 when he approached her in a club.
Julianne Kaye became close friends with Johansson while working on 1999 movie My Brother The Pig, when the actress was a teenager.
Kaye admits she bonded with the young star on the set and took her for nights out in Hollywood.
But the make-up artist recalls one venture to a nightclub turned sour when Johansson was approached by DICk, who was unaware the beautiful starlet was so young.
Kaye says, "I met Scarlett on My Brother The Pig, a movie she made when she was 16. She stayed at my house for a week.
"One night, I put a bindi on her head and we went to a club, and Andy DICk cornered her.
"I was like, 'Get away from her! She's a child!'"