Scarlett Johansson dreads heading out on tour with her new musical collaborator Pete Yorn - because she suffers from terrible stage fright.
The actress has recorded a new album with Yorn, called Break Up, and she fears success will lead to a series of live shows she'd rather not think about.
She says, "I have terrible stage fright. I've never had to sing in front of a live audience, other than some back-up vocals.
"It seems incredibly revealing, very different from making a red-carpet appearance, where the glitz and glamour of movie stardom... can mask any sort of insecurity."
If pushed, Johansson tells Black Book magazine she might consider dressing up for a concert: "I'd dress like a character from The Dark Crystal."
Break Up isn't Johansson's first musical effort - she released an album of Tom Waits songs, called Anywhere I Lay My Head, in 2008.