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To KS2 Problema:You're kidding right? If not, I should point out that The Avengers (British show) and Avengers Assemble (Marvel comics universe) are two entirely different story lines and not related at all. Jeez, I mean, they even added "Assemble" to the title in UK so you wouldn't get that confused.

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I don't watch many of today's air-headed,bombasim-filled, clumsy-CGI-ed movies -- event though I grew up a huge movie fan and even made some student films. Make that *especially* because.So I don't normally pay the slightest attention to the river of PR and hype.But I have to say the Avengers show wasn't some crappy American TV piffle like Batman or the rest. It was smart, it was funny, it was classy, and it's final female star, the iconic Diana Rigg was spectacularly beautiful. (And she could act. She had been part of the Royal Shakespeare Company.)Perhaps Scarlett Johansson -- who I've never seen in a screen role or even heard speak -- has that magic, winning 'something' that doesn't come across in still photos -- but judging solely from photos, it seems to me she should be playing a mousy girl next door or suburban housewife, not a glamorous international spy -- particularly not in light of inevitable comparisons with the glamorous and classically beautiful Rigg.

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by KS2 Problema

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