Saul Zaentz passed away at his home in San Francisco on Friday, 3 January, the Associated Press have confirmed. The multi-talented Oscar winner was lucky enough to lead a full life, living to the ripe age of 92, but sadly his passing did come after a serious and tragic battle with Alzheimer's disease, a disorder he had been battling for a number of years.

AmadeusEnglish Patient
Amadeus and The English Patient are two of Zaentz most well-received works

Zaentz was born in Passaic, New Jersey, on 28 February, 1921, and went on to study at Rutgers University, where he left with a degree in poultry husbandry, before being shipped to Africa and then Sicily to serve in the Second World War. Whilst on deployment he was also stationed aboard troop ships in the North Atlantic and Pacific. Zaentz death was confirmed to the AP by his nephew, Paul Zaentz, who also served as his longtime business partner.

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