Gunz 'n' Roses lead guitarist, Slash, was supposedly motivated to quit smoking after his mother passed away from lung cancer. The legendary guitarist, SAUL HUDSON, admits that after seeing his mother, Ola Hudson, pass away from the horrible disease, in addition to suffering from pneumonia himself, he has stopped the habit for good.

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Hudson explained the decision to drop cigarettes, saying: "I've been off them for a year. The first time I quit smoking was because me and my wife just had a baby and she claimed the baby smelled like an ashtray. So I thought, 'Well, I'll give it a shot.' So I quit for a year and then I started again. Then this time my mom died of lung cancer, and I got sick with pneumonia. And after I got sick I had a cigarette in my hand and a lighter and I was about to smoke - and it just seemed really stubborn of me."

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