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Fascinating Fact 7375

18th May 2009

TOM HANKS found himself in a sticky situation during an appearance on American comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on Saturday (16May09) - he got caught inside a cellophane sheet during a celebrity edition of U.S....

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Ferrell & Hanks Join Green Day For Tv Supergroup

18th May 2009

TOM HANKS, WILL FERRELL, ANNE HATHAWAY and GREEN DAY formed the unlikeliest of supergroups for a skit on U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on Saturday (16May09). The stars joined show guest host Ferrell for a...

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The Things They Say 12230

14th May 2009

"It gets to be 2am, and they hand you a bottle of whipped cream and some syrup." SUSAN SARANDON reveals risque footage from her recent SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE film short, in which she played Justin...

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The Things They Say 12202

12th May 2009

"My 16-year-old said it would be a classic, so I listened to him." SUSAN SARANDON on playing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's lover in a hilarious U.S. Mother's Day (10May09) skit on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE....

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Star Trek Returns To Tv On Snl

11th May 2009

In an apparent effort to win back aging Star Trek fans who may have been offended by the current marketing campaign for the movie ("This is not your father's Star Trek ") Paramount included Leonard...

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Timberlake Shocks With Raunchy Comedy Routine

10th May 2009

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE shocked American TV viewers at the weekend (9May09) by mocking his music, his relationship with BRITNEY SPEARS and performing an x-rated song-and-dance routine during his stint as guest host of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The...

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Leno Against Crime

5th May 2009

Not only did Jay Leno acknowledge that he'll be up against killer shows when he debuts with his nightly variety hour in the fall, but he predicted that people, weary of all the murders in...

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Freelance Joke Writers Rile Wga

4th May 2009

Although the practice apparently violates their contracts with the Writers Guild of America, producers of many late-night comedy shows frequently buy jokes that are submitted to them by email from an "underground network" of freelancers...

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Will Ferrell's Production Company To Tackle Hansel And Gretel Film

30th April 2009

Hollywood funny man WILL FERRELL is to work on a horror-comedy remake of a classic children's tale for his next project - HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS.Along with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE writer ADAM MCKAY, who...

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Libel Victory For Channel 4 And Da Ali G Show

22nd April 2009

Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen has successfully defeated an $800,000 (£550,000) libel lawsuit against his former programme Da Ali G Show.A female plaintiff, who sued as 'Jane Doe' claimed to have been physically, emotionally, and...

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Efron Mocks Teenage Fans On Saturday Night Live

13th April 2009

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star ZAC EFRON turned on his teenage fans during his guest host stint on U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE at the weekend (11Apr09). The 21-year old singer/actor has amassed a huge teenage...

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Moses Rules On Saturday

13th April 2009

The 53-year-old movie The Ten Commandments took a commanding lead for ABC on Saturday as it led in every half hour in primetime and averaged 6.81 million viewers for the night. It has drawn far...

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Tv Goes To The Polls

1st April 2009

The broadcast networks promised Monday not to project a winner in today's (Tuesday) presidential election until a nominee has unequivocally garnered at least 270 electoral votes and not to announce that a candidate has won...

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Johnson Gets 'Tough' For Saturday Night Live

9th March 2009

Tough guy DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON showed off his song and dance skills on Saturday night (08Mar09) as the host of U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The former wrestler opened the show by addressing suggestions...

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Big-getter Walters Scores Big Gets

18th February 2009

Barbara Walters, who is semi-retired from primetime television, where she once competed fiercely for major celebrity and newsmaker interviews -- "the big get," as it's known in the broadcast news business -- said Tuesday that...

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The Things They Say 11244

16th February 2009

"Thank you CHRISTIAN BALE, who has replaced me as the person most synonymous with recorded celebrity meltdowns." ALEC BALDWIN starts his hosting stint on U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE by poking fun at Batman...

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Jonas Brothers Were A Soft Metal Band From The 1980s?

16th February 2009

The JONAS BROTHERS have been 'outed' as a hair metal band from the early 1980s in a skit on U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The trio attempted to play down allegations they were actually little-known...

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Baldwin Poses As Fourth Jonas

15th February 2009

Actor ALEC BALDWIN raised laughs on U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE at the weekend (14Feb09) - by trying to become the fourth JONAS brother. Baldwin hosted the show with the teen trio as the night's...

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Cooper Pokes Fun At Bale

8th February 2009

CHRISTIAN BALE became the butt of the joke on U.S. satirical show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE when actor BRADLEY COOPER poked fun at his much-publicised on-set rant.A tape featuring The Dark Knight star raging about an...

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Mad Men Star To Wed

23rd January 2009

Actress ELIZABETH MOSS and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE funnyman FRED ARMISEN are planning a wedding after becoming engaged. Mad Men star Moss accepted Armisen's proposal at the weekend (18Jan09). She tells "I don't want to...

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The Things They Say 10707

9th January 2009

"I met her, and she said 'I'm a huge fan'. I had an Obama badge on. I felt like a backstabber." Singer ADELE on meeting former U.S. vice-president candidate SARAH PALIN backstage at American comedy...

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Swift Thrilled About Saturday Night Live Treat For Mum

6th January 2009

Country star TAYLOR SWIFT has served up the perfect birthday surprise for her mum - a performance on her favourite show, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The Love Story singer will be the musical guest on this...

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Ledger Death Deemed Top Entertainment Story Of 2008

24th December 2008

The death of Australian actor Heath Ledger last January 22 at age 28 was judged the top entertainment story of 2008 by U.S. newspaper and broadcast editors polled by the Associated Press. No. 2 on...

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Tina Fey Entertainer Of The Year

23rd December 2008

Tina Fey has been named Entertainer of the Year by Associated Press editors and broadcast producers throughout the country. "Fey was selected by AP members as the performer who had the greatest impact on culture...

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Strokes Man Joins Comedy Team

15th December 2008

Rocker JULIAN CASABLANCAS can add funnyman to his resume - he is teaming up with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE trio THE LONELY ISLAND to record a comedy album. The Strokes singer will join the three-piece -...

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Fascinating Fact 6515

9th December 2008

Spanish TV viewers are to get their own version of classic U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Network Cuatro has bought the rights to create their own version of the programme that helped launch the...

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Fey: 'I Wasn't Mean To Palin'

1st December 2008

Comedienne TINA FEY doesn't regret her infamous impersonations of SARAH PALIN on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - because she dealt the same treatment to President GEORGE W. BUSH. The 30 Rock star began mimicking Palin in...

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Palin's Appearance Is A Turkey

21st November 2008

Another TV appearance by Alaska Gov. Sara Palin has hit YouTube. During an interview conducted in her hometown of Wasilla after she "pardoned" a local turkey, a number of other turkeys are seen being slaughtered...

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Beyonce Impressed By Dancing King Justin

18th November 2008

BEYONCE KNOWLES was so impressed with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's spoof stint as her backing dancer on comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE at the weekend (15Nov08), she is offering him a full-time job on the road with...

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Timberlake Becomes Beyonce Knowles' Backing Dancer

16th November 2008

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE became a lycra-clad backing dancer for BEYONCE KNOWLES during a skit on U.S. TV comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The pop hunk made a surprise cameo on Saturday's (15Nov08) show, slipping into a...

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