Sarah Palin, the Republican politician and potential presidential candidate, has come under fire from the animals rights group 'In Defense of Animals', for beating a fish to death while filming an episode of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', reports The Examiner. Palin and her daughter Bristol were video-taped 'clubbing' a large halibut after it was caught during a fishing trip.
However, one fisherman came to the defence of the Palins, saying the method of slaughter used is the most humane, adding, "These fish are enormous and to have them trashing about the boat can be dangerous. Clubbing the fish and leaving it to bleed out is the safest and most humane way, better than letting it suffocate". Despite this explanation, the Canadian based animal rights group claim that Palin savagely beat the fish to death while also suggesting that the politician 'enjoyed' doing so.
It is not the first time that SARAH PALIN has been criticised by animal rights groups. Her open support of hunting has seen her come under fire in the past, and she has made no secret of the fact that she has actively hunted moose and other animals in Alaska.