Sarah Jessica Parker is a huge fan of Lady GaGa.

The actress thinks the eccentric pop star - who is famed for her outrageous fashion choices - is like her 'Sex And The City' character Carrie Bradshaw because she is "unconventional".

Sarah said: "She breaks all the rules; she's unconventional. It's extremely flattering that people think she's like Carrie."

The 45-year-old actress insists she was a fan of the 'Telephone' singer months before she hit the mainstream.

She added to MTV: "I want to say one thing about Lady Gaga, which is, a year and a half ago, I was in an editing room working on a project and had already downloaded as much music of hers as I could onto my iPod. And she was not in the mainstream yet, but I loved her."

Sarah isn't the only member of her household to be a Lady Gaga fan, her son James Wilkie is also a huge admirer.

The actress - who has three children with her husband Matthew Broderick - revealed: "My son sang 'Bad Romance' for a singing contest. That's right James Wilkie sang 'Bad Romance'."