Sarah Jessica Parker is a ''very intelligent'' collaborator.

The 'Sex and the City' actress has been named curator of a new exclusive jewellery site called WeTheAdorned and the business' creators, Tim McElwee and Cyia Batten, think she is the perfect person to have on board.

Tim said: ''She's lovely. Super kind, super gracious. Very intelligent, very thoughtful.''

The husband and wife team - which will see designers release a limited-edition piece on the site every week - launched their new venture when they could no longer grow their other business, T.Cyia, any further and they think it could help designers who are tied to deals with retailers with their existing lines, as it allows them to be more experimental with the one-off deals.

Tim explained to ''When we came to [Sarah Jessica] with this we said, 'Look, every single one of these designers is having the same problem. The business has changed so dramatically, and it's not going to change.''

Each collaboration is a joint effort between the two founders, the actress and the designer.

The designer will begin the first stages of creating the project, before Tim and Cyia come in to help develop the product, and the piece is then submitted to Sarah Jessica and the group will then make final decisions.

The first designs to appear on the members-only site - which launches some time this spring - will be produced in batches of 200 to 300, though production runs are likely to increase to 1,000 over time.